How to Get Better at Valorant, by a Terrible Valorant Player

by Phirex

A quick disclaimer before you read this: I suck at Valorant. I am truly, truly terrible; I miss shots all the time, occasionally accidentally kill myself, and more often than not jeopardise my team’s safety too.

But I’ve tried to follow the tips below to get better at the game, and a combination of them has seen my play improve slightly (from Iron 2 to Iron 3, probably).

At my level whilst I appreciate advice regarding bunny-hopping, peeking and wall-bangs, these things are simply about five steps up the development ladder for me.

The following tips are simple things you keep in mind whilst playing which should help you improve your Valorant play. They’ll hopefully result in you going from not-so-sharpshooter to, well, slightly serrated shooter. 

Don’t shoot whilst moving

I know, I know. Your hip-fire is what makes you great at CoD. We all do. But in Valorant, that doesn’t matter; moving significantly reduces the accuracy of your shooting. Try and ensure that whenever you’re shooting you’re standing still, and you should start seeing those headshots 

Don’t walk around with your abilities out

This is something I do literally every game. I’m walking around as Raze or Sova planning a devastating Cluster Grenade or Shock Dart, and I get popped as soon as I go to fire it.

The cast time of these abilities usually means I have no chance to respond to the assailant firing at me. Whilst waiting for the round to end, I think about how my grenade would’ve killed at least three opponents and led to my eventual professional Valorant career.

But I should be thinking about how being able to shoot in a shooting game is pretty important, try to use abilities when hidden by cover. 

Use shift walk

Shift walking is incredibly important because it stops Turtle Beach-clad enemies from knowing where you are. You should only not be shift walking when rushing a point or when you’re working against the clock.

But if you keep thinking ‘how did they know I was coming that way’, then maybe check your footwear. Think of shift walking as providing you with silken slippers, and anything else as clogs. 

Don’t hold down the trigger

Even if you pray, spraying doesn’t work. It simply makes any control you have over where you’re aiming disappear. If you shoot in short bursts, though, your weapon’s aim will ‘reset’, and you’ll be King of the Noobs in no time. 

Aim for the head 

Whilst aiming at the heart might seem like the logical course of action, in Valorant headshots deal a boatload more damage than shots aimed at any other part of the body.

Obviously, this comes with the caveat that headshots are more difficult to hit than shots at other, larger, areas. Training your aim on the head will generally lead to more effective shooting than otherwise, though. But panicked shin-shots still remain excusable.

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