Quick Start Guide: Call of Duty

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The 16th instalment of the hugely popular first-person shooter franchise, Call of Duty (CoD), the latest game has been developed by Infinity Ward and is a reimagining of the hugely popular Modern Warfare series (which began with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007).

There is a single-player campaign with a war-time storyline as well as several online modes that let you compete against players around the world. 

How do I play?

In the single-player campaign, you take control of a series of characters as you tackle numerous missions in a bid to defeat enemy combatants.

With a focus on tactical play, you have to make moral choices and are assigned a score at the end of each level. This collateral damage score is based on how many civilians are injured or killed and ranks from A to F. 

Modern Warfare also has several multiplayer modes, which can be accessed via the Quick Play button in the main menu. These are objective-based games and primarily see two teams do battle.

Here you can select a character; a primary and secondary weapon; three perks (abilities that provide players with a variety of effects); as well as tactical and lethal equipment (such as grenades, trip mines and smoke grenades). 

Which online mode is best for newcomers?

One of the most popular modes and one that has featured in almost every version of Call of Duty, Team Deathmatch (TDM) sees two teams face-off with one simple objective: kill the opposition. 

Each kill is worth one point for your team, with the first team to reach the point limit or gain the most points in the allotted time, winning the match. 

TDM is played on a variety of maps, with each location providing a different challenge. It is a great way to learn which weapons are the best and decide which style of play suits you best. 

Which is the best gun?

5 best M4A1 Assault Rifle classes and loadouts in Modern Warfare ...
The M4A1 – Credit: Activision

Without a doubt, the best weapon in Modern Warfare is the M4A1. This assault rifle is a great gun for those just starting out playing the game as it is accurate, has a fast fire rate and delves out plenty of damage. 

This gun is deadly at close range and as your aim improves will do significant damage at range as well. Even if you miss the first few shots, you will still have a chance to get the kill because of the strength of his powerful weapon. 

What is CoD Warzone?

Owners of the full version of Modern Warfare can play Warzone by downloading the additional content through the classified panel in the Main Menu.

Non-owners of the game can also download it for free in respective first-party stores – though you will need between 80-101GB of space on your hard drive. 

Once downloaded, Warzone is a massive combat arena where up to 150 players can battle for the victory. There are two modes of play in this game; Battle Royale and Plunder.

Ways to Hone Your Skills

CoD: Modern Warfare's campaign ups the realism but loses no impact ...
Modern Warfare campaign characters – Credit: Activision

One of the common mistakes for newcomers to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is to jump straight into the various multiplayer modes.

This is a great way to get frustrated and end up quitting after only a few matches. Instead, make sure you first play the campaign as the tactics used here translate to online play. 

This mode focuses a lot on intimate gunfights and will help you improve your accuracy, as well as learn about the various weapons and perhaps most important of all, it will teach you how to clear rooms with teammates. 

Once you have learned the basics by playing the campaign, start by practising with friends or against the AI. This can be achieved by setting up private matches.

Not only can you learn the maps and practice with a huge variety of weapons, but you can figure out which style of play is most successful for you. 

You’ll be able to learn the ideal spots to hide or figure out which route to take to get the jump on your enemies. 

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