Which esports Should I Watch And Follow?

by Phirex

Finding a new esport to watch and follow is not easy – there are so many to pick from. The world of esports can be extremely confusing and complicated for absolute newcomers.

But it does not have to be that way. Once you have picked an esport to watch and follow, you will pick up the rules and the various quirks a lot faster than you might expect.

To help you to decide which esports you should become a fan of, we put together this guide. Read on and you should be ready to decide which eSport is going to be your new favourite!

Top esports to watch and follow

Here are some of the world’s top esports that are available to watch and follow right now: 

An established esport or a new entrant?

Fortnite progamer – Credit: Unsplash

New esports are regularly being launched and following them from the start can be a good option. By choosing this route, it is a chance to engage with a box-fresh game and get in on the ground floor, which will be very appealing to a lot of future eSports fans.

One such esport that stands out from the crowd here is Valorant, which is set to be released by Riot Games in the coming weeks.

Valorant, which is a tactical shooter that will initially be available only for PC, looks certain to be one of the top esports for the future. Gamers who are lucky enough to have tried Valorant during the closed beta phase have given it rave reviews.

The drawback is it is going to take some time before Valorant tournaments start to spring up. There are also no leading players on this game as of yet either, so learning about the top characters who are involved in this esport is not going to be possible at this time.

Many people prefer to take up watching an esport that already has a large, established audience. Examples of esports that would fit into this category include StarCraft II – which is particularly popular in Asia – as well as Dota 2, Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

FIFA could be an ideal choice for sports fans

ePremier League Invitational winner James Maddison – Credit: Premierleague

Football fans who are missing the beautiful game could do a lot worse than getting into competitive FIFA. The main esport for football, FIFA has been used for the recent launch of the ePremier League Invitational.

With the first two tournaments having been won by Diogo Jota of Wolves and Leicester City midfielder James Maddison.

Future ePremier League Invitational events are likely while the sporting world awaits the return of the real-life Premier League, with sports stars such as England cricket Jofra Archer having taken part in the action so far.

Archer started well, representing his favourite team Manchester United in the game, before being knocked out by John Egan of Sheffield United.

Formula One has also been dipping a toe into the eSports waters during the coronavirus crisis. Archer’s England team-mate and fellow World Cup hero Ben Stokes has got behind the wheel to compete in Virtual Grand Prix races, alongside some real stars of motorsport.

Ferrari star Charles Leclerc has proven to be particularly adept behind the wheel of a virtual car, while Williams driver George Russell has also topped the podium since the event’s launch.

For fans of North American sports, competitive NBA and NHL is also available to watch too. Rocket League is another great alternative esport to watch and follow too as the action is fast-paced and it arguably looks more like ‘sport’ than most of the other options out there.

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