Do I Need Twitch Prime?

by Phirex

People new to esports are likely to have discovered Twitch – but what about Twitch Prime?

Twitch has become the centre of the esports world, with the streaming site said to have 15 million daily active users.

Many of those are also signed up to the Twitch Prime service, which is a premium experience.

Twitch Prime gives users a variety of perks – more of which later – and lots of people can get it for free as part of their Amazon Prime membership.

There are a few steps to go through to get Twitch Prime – but do you even need to get it?

Benefits of Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime offers many benefits – Including for games like Apex Legends

Twitch Prime comes with a number of benefits, with some of them more appealing than others.

For example, various in-game loot and a selection of games are usually given away each month. The new free games for May were Urban Trial Playground, The Little Acre, Avicii Invector, Pankapu, Fractured Mines and Snake Pass.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants and Old School Musical are also both also still available to Twitch Prime subscribers for no extra cost.

Other perks include a Twitch channel subscription every month, as well as access to a set of special emoticons that are only available to Twitch Prime and Turbo members.

Is Twitch Prime worth it?

Whether or not Twitch Prime is worth getting depends on how much you will use it.

If, for example, you are unlikely to have any interest in the free games that are offered there is probably not going to be any point in getting Twitch Prime.

Amazon Prime members should certainly take the time to get Twitch Prime, though, since they will be able to do so at no extra cost.

For everyone else, the benefits on offer are enough to make it a worthwhile regular purchase.

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