Who Are The Valorant Agents?

by Phirex

Jumping into your first game of Valorant, players are faced with the tough decision of which particular Agent they’d like to play as. In that first match, you will have five choices available, but through playing the game you can unlock another five to have access to the full roster of 10 agents. 

Each of these agents has unique abilities, and they are all designed for a different task. Some will have abilities that allow you to access parts of the map others can’t, others will have abilities that will reveal where opponents are, block lines of sight or simply damage your foes. 

Choosing the right agent for you and to fit with what your team is picking is key. Having five agents that all do similar things will often put you at a big disadvantage, so it is crucial that you know how they all work. At a basic level, they are split into four categories that loosely define what role they fill. 



Jett is a mobile agent whose abilities allow her to move around rapidly, and also block lines of sight. Her ultimate is a collection of lethal knives that are 100% accurate, so hit scan players will do well with her. 


Phoenix has two flash grenades that are thrown around corners that make him incredibly strong, as it is currently the only true flash in the game. He can also deny lines of sight and areas with his firewall and Molotov, and his ultimate allows you to fight, die and then return to where it was activated. 


One of the most controversial agents, Raze’s kit is mostly about damaging opponents. Her cluster bombs, remote detonated C4 and boombot basic abilities all damage foes, while her rocket launcher ultimate spells death for anyone in its way. 



Many agents have smoke grenade options, but Brimstone’s are the most useful, being able to call in three and not having to worry about throwing them.

Elsewhere his stim pack gives all players around him a fire rate boost and his Molotov can deny even more areas of the map. His high damage AoE ultimate if perfect for taking down those who you trap with his other utility.

Valorant agent Omen


Omen is one of the hardest agents to track, thanks to his short-range teleport ability and global teleport ultimate. Add in his smoke grenade option and a disorientating blast and keeping eyes on him becomes near impossible at times. 


Valorant has a toxicity problem, but Viper embraces it with her toxic grenade cloud and wall that can be turned on and off by the player. A toxic Molotov option compliments her basic abilities, and her massive toxic cloud ultimate forces opponents into close range fights where she excels. 



Cypher is all about giving you information about where the enemies are. His tripwires will reveal the location of anyone who walks through them, as will his will reveal the location of all remaining opponents when used on a dead enemy.

His remote camera is perfect for scouting out areas safely and his Cyber Cage is great for denying areas of the map. 


Sage is currently the only true healer in Valorant, with the ability to heal herself or teammates, and even resurrect a teammate with her ultimate. But the rest of her kit is useful too, her slow orb is amazing for slowing down pushes, and her wall does the same while also giving access to high parts of the map. 



Valorant agent Breach

Breach is all about disorientating opponents, with a set of abilities that can go through walls and affect anyone on the other side. He has a flash, daze and damage dealing option with his normal abilities, and his ultimate even includes a knock up to truly stun players. 


Sova is the archer of Valorant, with arrows that shock an area or reveal enemy locations. He also comes with a flying drone to scout areas and an ultimate that does massive damage in a straight line through walls. 

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