What is The Best Gun For Me in Valorant?

by Phirex

When it comes to picking the best weapon for the current situation in Valorant, there is a lot you need to think about;

Whereabouts will you be playing on the map?

Are you on the attacking side or the defending side?

How much money do you have to spend?

How much money does your team have to spend?

What weapons does your team have?

Do you need to purchase your abilities?

All of these are questions you should consider in the opening moments of each round and make your choice of weapon accordingly. 

If you plan to play in an area of the map that is confined and in close quarters a sniper rifle is not a good idea, just like it probably wouldn’t be a good idea if your team is planning to rush a site as the attackers.

Your money will limit what you can buy, but if you find yourself with a lot of cash but your teammates have none you might be better off waiting until the next round to fully invest, and if you need your abilities to execute your strategy then you should prioritise those above a stronger weapon. 

But generally speaking several weapons are considered top tier when it comes to the Valorant, and they are the ones that you want to be using more often than not. 


The Phantom

The Phantom seems to be the assault rifle of choice for many of the very top players. It has high damage, a rapid rate of fire and recoil that isn’t too difficult to control.

At close to medium range it will kill anyone with a headshot, but the damage drop off means at longer range a headshot will not be lethal. It’s quite costly, but when you have enough this is the weapon you want to go for a lot of the time. 


The Vandal

The Vandal is the other top tier assault rifle, and for many players it is down to personal preference as to which you purchase between this and the Phantom on a full buy.

The advantage to the Vandal is that it will kill anyone with a headshot at any range, so accurate aimers can hit some impressive one taps with it. However, a slower rate of fire compared to the Phantom gives it a significant disadvantage in some situations. 


The Operator

The Operator is the sniper rifle of choice if you manage to get your hands on it. It will take down anyone with one clean shot, and offers significant zoom when scoped in.

Its power makes it lethal in the hands of someone who can aim with it, but you need to use it in the right situations. With the Operator you need to be holding an angle with a long line of sight, trying to use it up close and personal will often not work out in your favour. 


The Spectre

When you are on a force buy, where you have to buy what you can but do not have the funds to buy the most powerful weapons, the Spectre is a good choice.

It is significantly cheaper than the other most powerful weapons and has a crazy high rate of fire. Its damage isn’t amazing but for a cheap option it is certainly a great option and our go-to when we are on a force buy or looking to save some cash. 

Everything else 

While these are the top tier of weapons in Valorant all of the options can be useful in the right situations. You will certainly want to practise using the Classic pistol that you get at the start of every round, as you will have to use that quite a bit in some games.

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