Valorant Quick Start Guide: Defenders

by Phirex

A well-executed defensive round in Valorant might not be as flashy as a fast paced rush onto a spike site from the attackers as they headshot all of the defenders watching the angles, but it can be just as impressive technically.

Playing on defense generally feels slower and at times you will probably not even see an enemy in a round, but often there is more pressure on your shoulders, and big plays seem more realistic. 

For the aggressive players out there being on the defensive side isn’t a reason to moan, you can still play aggressively and try to get some big kills, but there is a different playstyle to that of the attackers and you must understand the basics of both sides. 

Your goal 

Your goal as the defenders is super simple, stop the attackers from detonating the spike by any means necessary.

The ideal way to win would be to kill all of the attackers before they get a chance to plant the spike, or simply stop them from planting the spike during the round and let the 100 second timer run down to zero. Both will give you a round win. 

If the attackers do manage to plant the spike then you still have a chance to win, as you can defuse the spike. Once the spike has been planted it doesn’t matter if you kill all of the attackers or not.

All that matters is if you manage to defuse it before time runs out or not. Complete the defuse and the round is yours, fail and the attackers pick up the win. 

The strategy

Holding down A site

When it comes to defending there are a lot of strategies you could employ, and to keep the attackers guessing you will probably want to keep changing them up.

But generally speaking you will want to split your team across the map. Having people on every spike site is a good idea, and you will of course want to cover any areas that the attackers are likely to come down. 

As a defender you should be looking to hold an angle, so keep your sights set on a corner an enemy is likely to walk round, to try and get the advantage in a fight.

There is of course little point in covering angles at the back of the a site when the round starts, as you know which side of the map the attackers will be coming from. 

As you will be split up across the map it is important to communicate to your team where the enemies are, and if you notice a big attack going on at another site you will want to rotate over to it. 

Tips to be a better defender 

Spike defuses save progress halfway

Defender defusing the spike

Retaking a spike site after the spike has been planted can be a difficult task, as you can never be sure where the attackers are. One way to try and draw them out of position is to start defusing the spike and then stop as they try to come and kill you while you defuse.

In other games you’ll just want to tap the defuse button to make the sound, but in Valorant you can buy some more time by diffusing halfway before you jump off. Progress is saved at the halfway point, so when you come back to defuse it later it will already be half way done. 

Change your positioning 

One of the biggest mistakes we see from players on the defending side is playing in the same position every round. With players split between the sites there will always be multiple places you can position in your chosen area, so be sure to change it up a bit.

If you stay in the same position every round sooner or later the attackers will figure it out and know where to expect you, making your life much harder. Change things up and catch them by surprise, even if it’s just moving from one corner to another.

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