Valaront Quick Start Guide: Attackers

by Phirex

Attacking on Valorant is an interesting experience, especially in solo matchmaking, as it requires quite a lot of coordination between teammates and strategic ability usage.

Get that wrong and you will be picked off one by one and not even pose a threat to the defending team, but get it right and you will surely be on your way to a round win. 

As a defender, you can somewhat get away with playing alone and going off on your own, but when it comes to attacking you need to stick together and have some kind of strategy if you want any hope of winning. 

Your Goal 

As the attackers your goal is pretty simple, you must take the spike, which can be collected by one member of the team in your spawn area, to one of the spike sites and plant it.

Then you must defend the spike until it detonates. If the spike detonates then you win the round, and if you manage to eliminate all of the defenders you will also win the round. 

However there is a time limit on each round, so if you fail to plant the spike before time runs out, or if all of the attacking team dies, you will lose the round.

If you manage to plant the spike, but then the defenders manage to defuse it before it detonates you will also lose the round. 

The strategy

Attackers preparing to push B site

More so than on the defending side attackers will want to have some kind of strategy. This strategy could be as simple as lest all run to the A site as fast as possible and try to plant, or it could be more complex with smoke timings and clever ability usage, but having some kind of plan is a good idea. 

While it can sometimes be a good idea to split up and tackle multiple spike sites at once to see where the enemy players are, most of the time you will not want to go off on your own adventure while your team is all on the other side of the map. 

Tips to be a better attacker 

Try to always trade kills 

One of the big advantages that attackers have is that the defenders will usually be split across the map to defend all of the spike sites, meaning if you play close together you can usually at least trade kills and make your way onto a site.

If one of your teammates goes down then instantly try and peek the player that just killed them and even up the score again. Rarely will there be two defenders in the same spot, so you should have a fairly easy 1vs1 against a weakened opponent.

Attacker waiting for right time to push

You can play slowly

Every round in Valorant is 100 seconds long, and it only takes a few seconds to get from one side of the map to the other most of the time, so there’s really no reason to always rush as fast as you can to the spike site.

Of course if this is winning you rounds then go ahead, but if you keep being sprayed down seconds into the round it doesn’t hurt to slow things down a bit and try to get some information first. 

You can use agents such as Sova or Cypher to gain information about where the defenders are positioned that should give you an advantage when you go to fight them.

Or you can use other abilities to block off pathways to make a safer entrance onto a site. Playing slow and waiting for your moment to attack is usually the better play, so don’t rush around if it’s not working. 

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