Riot Release Valorant Patch Notes For Update 1.02

by Mike Stubbs

The patch notes for Valorant update 1.02 have gone live detailing the big changes coming in the next patch.

The 1.02 update is set to go live around the world over the next few hours, and with it comes the addition of ranked play.

While ranked was available in the beta, it was disabled for launch to give everyone time to learn the game. Now that time has passed ranked is returning, and you will be able to play your placement matches for season one once the patch is live in your region.

The highest rank has also been renamed to Radiant, after being called Valorant in the beta.

The patch also brings with it the much-requested surrender option, with teams being able to give up on the last match if all players vote to end it.

You are unable to call a surrender vote until at least round eight, and only one can be called in each half, so you should not get salty players calling one as soon as they die in the pistol.

As you would expect with a significant patch there have also been changes to both agents and maps.

Viper has seen big changes, with her Snake Bite now making people Fragile, which increases damage taken, and her Toxic Screen now burning through walls.

Cypher is the other issue with changes, with some bug abuses being fixed around his Spycam and Cyber Cages.

As for the maps, all four have seen some kind of change, with Haven getting the most that include tweaks to Garage Doors and A Lobby most notably.

A large number of bugs have also been fixed, and FPS optimization has also taken place, which should lead to a smoother experience.

However, the team did mention that they are still looking into a better solution for overtime in ranked play and that users may have issues with being placed into the wrong servers for a few more days yet.

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