How Long is a Game of Valorant?

by Phirex

Just like any competitive multiplier game when you click the find match button in Valorant you are committing a decent amount of time to play that game.

Quitting mid-match is incredibly unsportsmanlike, and will ruin the game for the other nine people involved, seriously wasting a lot of people’s time.

Sure you will also be unable to play another match for a while, but the real punishment is for the others in the match that you have ruined.

Of course, sometimes you will want to play just one more match before you have to do whatever is next on your schedule and you are wondering how long it will take.

To be on the safe side you will probably want to make sure you have at least an hour when you queue for your next match, as epic 25 round battles can go around that long.

Each round has a timer of 100 seconds, but that can be increased by another 40 seconds with a last-second spike plant. Add in the 30-second buy phase before the round, and the extra time after rounds and the longest matches could start to hit that hour mark.

The Spike being defused

While you should always plan for it to be a long game just to be on the safe side most matches are closer to the 40-minute mark than the hour mark.

Only a handful of matches go the full 25 rounds, and only a handful of rounds in each match will use the full round timer.

Our matches usually end around 40 minutes after we started queueing, with close matches going slightly longer and stomps being considerably shorter. Some of our matches have even ended within 30 minutes.

While you could squeeze in another game if you don’t have to leave the PC for another 30 minutes, we would encourage you not to push your luck and not risk wasting the time of nine other people. Make sure you have an hour before you jump into a match of Valorant.

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