Best Valorant Streamers to Watch on Twitch

by Phirex

Valorant has only recently come out of closed beta, but it is already one of the most popular games for people to watch on Twitch. This is due to Riot Games releasing a closed beta, access to which was available through Twitch streams.

This all helped to ensure that Valorant was able to break the Twitch record of ‘single-day hours watched’ for a single game. But as Riot prepares to unleash the full game on the world, who are the top Valorant streamers?


Valorant looks certain to become one of the top esports of 2020 and DrLupo quickly became one of the most important Twitch streamers for the game.

The American, who is a professional player for Rogue, started streaming Valorant gameplay on Twitch shortly after the launch of the closed beta.

DrLupo specialises in first person shooter games so the esports community was always going to find his opinion on the upcoming Riot Games release very valuable.

DrLupo, whose real name is Benjamin Lupo, has four million followers on Twitch and he has even recently interviewed Anna Donlon and Joe Ziegler from the game’s development team.


TimTheTatman is worth checking out too as he has been one of the best Valorant streamers to watch on Twitch during the closed beta phase of the game.

One of the most experienced streamers on Twitch. TimTheTatman became known for a series of marathon Valorant streaming sessions, which has helped to increase his Twitch follower to nearly five million mark.

TimTheTatman, who beat Dr Disrespect in a recent Valorant Placements Challenge, also streams games including Crucible, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and World of Warcraft.

The American’s real name is Timothy John Betar and he is well known in the esports community for his fundraising efforts, which are conducted through Twitch streams.

Valorant has been a hit amongst gamers


More than half a million people follow Brax on Twitch, making him one of the most popular Valorant streamers on the platform right now.

Longstanding esports fans will remember the name as Brax was previously thought of as one of the best young Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players around.

However, after a match-fixing scandal, the American later retired from competitive CS:GO play and is now transferring his skills to Valorant after signing a deal with T1, a leading esports organisation from Korea.

Real name Braxton Pierce, he used to game under the name swag and previously represented both compLexity Gaming and iBUYPOWER.

Brax is set to be one of the key players to keep an eye on when Valorant develops as an esport, so his Twitch streams are likely to become increasingly popular in the coming months.


Valorant is picking up players from a number of other games, with dizzy among those who appear to be focusing on the Riot Games shooter during 2020.

Nearly 800,000 people follow dizzy on Twitch, with Crucible and Aim Lab among the other games he streams live. Real name Coby Meadows, dizzy used to be one of the best young players in Apex Legends and he has picked up where he left off after taking up Valorant instead.

Tuesdays are the main streaming day of the week for dizzy, who has been known to be on Twitch for hours and hours at a time. 

Can Valorant keep its momentum going?


Team UK captain ONSCREEN has become one of the most prolific Valorant streamers on Twitch with thousands of people tuning in when he goes live on the platform.

ONSCREEN – whose real name is Craig Shannon – is a full-time Twitch streamer, so he keeps a very regular schedule on the site.

Previously focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, ONSCREEN has racked up a massive number of hours streaming Valorant on Twitch. Indeed, he was one of the most-watched players of the game on the site during the month of April.

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