Best Overwatch Streamers to Watch on Twitch

by Phirex

Team-based multiplayer Overwatch is a top esport and one of the most popular games on streaming site Twitch as a result.

While the Blizzard title has arguably been overtaken by newer games in recent years, many people still enjoy watching Overwatch Twitch streams. Here are five of the top accounts to follow for Overwatch live streams on the platform.


Our first recommendation for the best Overwatch streamers to watch on Twitch is sleepy, an American who is without a team right now having previously represented Washington Justice in the Overwatch League.

The 21-year-old, whose real name is Nikola Andrews, has also played professional Overwatch for San Francisco Shock in the recent past.

With 277,000 followers on Twitch, sleepy currently has the top English language Overwatch account on the site having racked up more than half a million viewer hours over the past month. The only Overwatch streamer to have recorded more viewer hours recently is T_SVEN, who plays in Russian.


Not too far behind sleepy on that metric is supertf – real name Matthew DeLisi – who has 129,000 followers on his Twitch profile.

The American plays for San Francisco Shock in the Overwatch League and has banked more than $250,000 in earnings from the game.

Thousands of Twitch viewers tune in when supertf goes live to play Overwatch, where he usually takes the tank role in his team.

DeLisi recently spoke about how the coronavirus crisis has helped to fuel a rise in global interest in the world of esports, with games like Overwatch experiencing a boost in their popularity as a result of the pandemic.


KabajiOW’s 368,000 followers on Twitch earn him a place in our best Overwatch streamers to watch on Twitch list. One of the earliest Twitch users to start streaming on Overwatch, KabajiOW has a loyal audience on the platform who have been with him for many years.

Over 13 million views in total on his Twitch page is testament to how entertaining KabajiOW is when he goes live to play games like Overwatch. While Overwatch is the main game KabajiOW plays when he logs on to Twitch, he has also been known to try out Crucible on the site as well. 

Overwatch is a popular title on Twitch


Jay3 is next up, with thousands of people usually tuning in to his Overwatch streams on Twitch. The 25-year-old claims to be the most positive streamer in the world and while that might not quite be the case, there is no doubt his Twitch is an uplifting place to be.

The American, whose real name is Christopher Pavloff, used to play games under the name J3sus, with Apex Legends among the other games he has streamed.

The former professional gamer represented teams including Renegades, Kungarna and Mirage Sport Électronique during his career, which led to honours including the top spot in the minor tier at DreamHack Montreal 2018.

While Jay3 is still streaming himself playing games on Twitch a lot, he has scaled back his gaming since a peak when he was spending around 12 hours a day on Overwatch.

Games of Overwatch take a lot of mechanical skill


Wrapping up our recommendations for the best Overwatch streamers on Twitch is emongg, who used to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitively as part of Noble eSports.

The American – real name Jeff Anderson – has since switched focus to Overwatch, representing Team Selfless on the game. Over 460,000 followers on Twitch shows emongg is an engaging presence on the platform with his viewer hours for the past month approaching half a million.

Twitch users who like to engage will particularly enjoy tuning in to watch emongg when he goes live on the site as he loves to answer questions from his followers while playing Overwatch.

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