League of Legends Role Guide: Support

by Phirex

If you’re looking for a role where you can fight out a 2v2 battle in-lane, help your team members survive throughout the game and set up fights for your team all while surviving on limited gold income, then Support is the role for you. 

What is the Support Role? 

The Support is the member of the team that doesn’t tend to be allocated gold income as the rest of the team is. The Support starts the game in the Bottom lane, helping the ADC prosper and become stronger by gaining gold and XP. 

Support champions tend to have lots of useful abilities, enabling them to help their team in a variety of ways except for dealing damage (though a few Supports do focus on damage). 

In lane, the Support role is focussed on keeping their ADC alive whilst trying to kill the enemy Bottom laners. Some supports are hard to kill, enabling their team to be protected by an extra body in front of them or engaging to set up the rest of their team.

whilst other Supports will be more passively focussed on keeping the ADC alive by providing shields, heals and crowd control.  

If you have a friend who also plays League, it’s a good idea to get them to join you in the Bot Lane as your ADC. This will help your fights to be more coordinated, as you can let them know when you’re planning on kicking off a tussle. 

How to Start Out as a Support

When starting out as a Support, it’s a good idea to get a gold income item such as Relic Shield, which enables you to gain gold whilst in lane. As the Support is not expected to farm minions – the usual source of gold – this item is crucial for ensuring you can buy items later on. 

Items such as Relic Shield also help you assist your ADC with farming, allowing them to accrue gold more quickly and safely.

Throughout the laning phase, try and focus on protecting your ADC whilst threatening the enemy Bot lane. Once you’re out of the early game, it can be beneficial to walk to the mid lane and try to help them secure a kill. The Support is good at setting up kills due to their abundant crowd control. 

What are the Support’s Main Responsibilities?

League of Legends: What you need to know about warding | GameCrate
Credit: Riot Games


The Support is responsible for providing the rest of the team with Vision Control. Vision Control is primarily orchestrated by the Support, as they tend to buy wards in the shop, which grant vision in areas of the map which are usually dark.

This is an incredibly important job; having good vision control can enable your team to plan fights more effectively and increase awareness of the enemy Jungler’s movements.

It’s a good idea to ward just outside the dragon early in the game, allowing you to see enemy’s approaching on your mini-map.

Keeping Others Alive

To help your team win team-fights, the Supports role is often to “peel” for your carries (usually your Mid laner and ADC), keeping the enemy champions away from them. You can do this by using your abilities throughout teamfights whilst staying close to your carries. 


Due to having more crowd control than most other roles, the Support is often responsible for engaging on the enemy Bot lane and starting teamfights later in the game. Make sure to use the Ping function so that your team knows when you’re going to start a fight! 

What Champion Should I Start With?

Leona, the Radiant Dawn - League of Legends
League champion Leona – Credit: Riot Games

When starting out, it’s best to pick a simple champion that has plenty of crowd control. Leona is a great Support if you’re just starting to learn, as playing Leona will help you learn about how and when to engage, as well as effective use of crowd control.

Best of luck – support well! 

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