Where can I play Fortnite?

by Phirex

Fortnite has grown into one of the world’s most popular video games in recent years.

Epic Games has a smash hit on its hands with Fortnite arguably the defining video game of the current generation.

Millions are still playing Fortnite regularly with 12.3 people watching Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert in the game.

But for those who have yet to try Fortnite out for themselves, where is it available to play?

Fortnite is out on all current consoles

black flat screen computer monitor with black computer keyboard
Fortnite on the PC – Credit: Unsplash

Console gamers will be able to get Fortnite no matter which one they have in their home.

The Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store both have Fortnite available to download, while it is present on the Nintendo eShop for Switch users as well.

PC players and Mac users will need to head to Fortnite.com in order to get the game.

Is Fortnite available for mobile devices?

person holding black android smartphone
Fortnite on mobile – Credit: Unsplash

Most people will probably want to play Fortnite on a big screen, so consoles or a PC/Mac are usually a popular choice for those who want to get the Epic Games title.

But Fortnite is an extremely popular mobile game too, so it is available to be downloaded on to devices such as smartphones and tablet computers as well.

For iOS users, Fortnite is available to get on App Store. Anyone using Android devices can get Fortnite from the Play Store.

What do I need to be able to play Fortnite?

After getting the game for your chosen device, console or computer, there is very little you need.

Just make sure you have enough storage space before starting the download. On PC, the Fortnite file size is 50GB, while it is 20GB for PlayStation and around 10GB for Xbox players.

Fortnite does also require a stable internet connection to play due to the fact it is multi-player, but other than that gamers should be ready to go!

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