What is The Best Weapon in Fortnite?

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Success in Fortnite is largely dependent on being able to pick up a good enough weapon. But for those who are quite new to the battle royale classic, how do you know which weapon to get?

Read on for our complete guide to all of the best weapons you should look out for in Fortnite.

Best weapons for Fortnite beginners

Total newcomers should not try to be too ambitious with their Fortnite weapons. Instead, consider starting out by using assault rifles or SMGs when first starting out. The M16 is arguably the best starter weapon in the game, though it struggles with distance shots.

Snipers will not be too useful initially, unless you can get a great position on the map, but a shotgun is always handy as they are extremely effective from close distances. 

The shotgun is a must for exploring new areas where other players are likely to be hiding out. This is due to the likelihood of being able to get a one-shot kill thanks to its extreme power.

Grenades are always going to come in handy so pick them up if you see them as well.

Fortnite weapons and the rarity scale

The rare pump action shotgun – Credit: Riot Games

Handily, there is an easy way to see how rare a weapon is when you come across it in-game.

The most common guns that can be found in Fortnite are grey, with the scale moving up in rarity as follows: green, blue and purple. 

At the very top of the Fortnite weapon rarity scale are the gold guns. These are very hard to find in the game but players who are lucky enough to come across one will have a strong chance.

Any Fortnite gamers struggling to work out which weapons to keep and which to ditch should simply press up on their d-pad to gain access to their inventory. 

There, details such as how much damage Fortnite weapons will do can be easily accessed.

Using the rocket launcher to win at Fortnite

There is not a lot more fun that can be had in Fortnite than blowing stuff up with a rocket launcher. While it is unlikely to kill a lot of opponents in one go, it will certainly flush them out. 

Forts are not going to have any chance whatsoever against your Fortnite rocket launcher.

Remember that ammo for the rocket launcher has a tendency to run out very quickly, so before you start firing at will, make sure you take the time to stock up as much as possible.

Be prepared to react quickly after using the rocket launcher in Fortnite, too. You are going to be blowing the cover for a lot of players, so you have to be quick to then pick them off from range.

Is SCAR the best weapon in Fortnite?

v4.2 Patch Notes
Some of Fortnites most lethal weapons – Credit: Riot Games

The best Fortnite weapons are really a case of personal preference. Your most effective weapon in the game is going to depend on the style you use after dropping into the map.

However, a lot of Fortnite players believe the SCAR assault rifle is the best weapon you can get. This is due to the fact it is extremely versatile and it will be useful in many different situations.

An upgrade on the M16 assault rifle we mentioned earlier, the SCAR weapon in Fortnite might feel a bit bog-standard, but it thrives in a lot of departments rather than having one strength.

This means that the SCAR can be used to record extremely accurate shots, while the gun is also able to inflict a lot of damage on opponents as well.

The only downside to the SCAR weapon in Fortnite is how rare it is in the game. Many Fortnite players will rack up plenty of hours in the game without ever getting to use it themselves.

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