Is Fortnite an eSport?

by Phirex

The definition of esports has been slowly evolving over recent years.

But as esports finally start to cross into the mainstream, most people involved in esports are starting to agree on which games should be counted as eSports and which should not.

So it seems like the right time to ask the following question: is Fortnite an esport?

Can any battle royale game be an Esport?

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Fortnite has rapidly grown in popularity – Credit: Unsplash

Fundamentally, whether Fortnite is an esport or not depends on whether any type of battle royale game can be classed as an esport.

There are some people within the gaming community who believe battle royale games can never be esports.

This is because there is simply too much randomness involved, with loot drops and so on having a major impact on who comes out on top at the end of the game.

On the other hand, many people think any title that lends itself to competitive gaming can count as an esport.

Whether or not Fortnite counts as an esport is a matter of personal opinion, but there is no doubt the game’s developer Epic Games has been trying to break into the esports world.

How does a game become classed as an Esport?

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Fortnite gamer – Credit: Unsplash

Most people involved in esports would probably agree that a game has to meet certain criteria if it is to be counted as an esport.

As an example, the most basic level is that the game has tournaments to enter, which Fortnite does through the in-game Events tab. Last year, Epic also held the first-ever Fortnite World Cup, which was entered by more than 40 million players of the game.

When professional esports teams start signing players who specialise in a particular game, this is usually seen as an indication that title is becoming an esport too. If independent organisers hold tournaments as well as the game’s developers, this is another good sign it is an esport.

Some esports fans think it is simply down to the size of the audience. With over two million people watching the Fortnite World Cup, the game certainly ticks this particular box.

Fortnite probably should be classed as an esport overall, but its lack of a proper competitive ranking system is one of the things counting against the game.

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