How do I Get Good at Building in Fortnite?

by Phirex

Building is one of the key skills that must be mastered to enjoy success playing Fortnite.

It is all very good being lethal with a weapon but strategy is key too, so you need to build.

Building in Fortnite is far from easy though, so how do you get good at it? Here are some tips.

Gather as many resources as you can

Resources are the key to building in Fortnite. Without having the right materials at hand, if you suddenly need to create a fort to protect yourself, your chances of success will be slim.

Your pickaxe should also be kept close at hand at all times. Swipe at various objects during your travels to unlock resources that can come in handy later on in the game. 

Trees are one of the most useful resources for gathering materials. However, be careful not to completely destroy them. Disappearing trees will give your location away immediately.

A good tip to stay alive in Fortnite is to keep moving at all times, even when harvesting resources. If you stay still even for a few seconds, you could be targeted by a sniper.

Find a quiet place to practice building

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Good building can give you a big advantage – Credit Riot Games

Practice makes perfect in Fortnite, so the best way to get good at building is just to work on it.

Fortnite games tend to be very hectic in the heat of the battle. But it is still usually possible to find a quiet spot on the map where you can get some practice in.

Make sure your settings are optimised for building as quickly and efficiently as possible, then select a location. 

A place like Wailing Woods, with nearly unlimited resources, is almost perfect due to the very large number of trees you can harvest for wood. But be aware that others might have the same idea.

Among the first things you need to master building are ramps and 1×1 bases. Get as quick as you can at building these as they will be vital whenever you need to get out of a tight spot.

Multi-tasking by building at the same time as managing fights is also an important step to take. 

And if you play on PC, it is a good idea to rebind a few keys to make building much easier too.

Develop your own Fortnite building style

While the basics of building in Fortnite are the same for everyone, each player has their own slightly different way of doing things.

One of the best ways to get inspiration for building plans in Fortnite is to watch expert players to see how they manage it.

Top Fortnite streamers are watched by many thousands of people and they are all taking notes on how to develop skills such as building in the game.

Merely copying how a Fortnite player goes about building is not going to be enough to win, though. Many other players in the game are likely to be doing exactly the same thing, after all.

By all means, take some inspiration from various players, but in time you need to be able to come up with your own style for building in Fortnite.

Pick the right times to build in Fortnite

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Trying to build under intense fire is tough! – Credit Riot Games

While building is a crucial Fortnite skill, you need to pick the right times in the game to do it.

Throwing up walls to block bullets is nothing more than a short-term solution. When you are coming under heavy fire, a better plan is usually going to be to find a hiding place instead.

Experienced Fortnite players will spot your player-made structures and be able to locate you as a result, so use them sparingly. Pre-existing buildings, therefore, make much better hiding places.

Towers, however, are the exception. High ground is key to winning in Fortnite so being able to build a quick tower is going to be one of the first things you should master building in the game.

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