How do Fortnite Tournaments Work?

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Fortnite has been making moves in the esports world through the use of global tournaments with huge prize pools, in Solos, Duo games.

While the free-to-play Epic Games title has long prided itself on the game’s attraction to casual gamers, professional Fortnite players are starting to emerge.

Tournaments were first launched in the game towards the end of 2018 and they have become increasingly popular since then, especially with prize money rapidly on the rise.

In 2019, the first Fortnite World Cup was held with American teenager Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf scooping the $3 million top prize.

But how do Fortnite tournaments work?

How to enter Fortnite tournaments

Fortnite tournaments can be accessed by players from the in-game Events tab.

Here, Fortnite players will be able to see the rules and format of the event. Some tournaments in Fortnite need you to have a full Squad to enter, while some might require a Duo partner.

There are also recurring weekly Solo tournaments in the game. These events, which are known as the Salty Spring Cup, are open to all players. Theoretically, anyone has a chance to win.

The Tomato Temple Cup is a weekly tournament that is aimed at Duos, while on Friday night each week squads meet up in the game to fight it out for the top prizes.

How did the first-ever Fortnite World Cup work?
PRO-AM winners Airwaks & RL GRIME – Credit Riot Games

Last year, Fortnite’s developer Epic Games held the title’s first-ever World Cup and it was a huge success, with an incredible 40 million people taking part in the event.

Over two million people tuned in to watch the final, which was held in New York City, with 16-year-old Giersdorf seeing off strong competition to claim top spot and a large cheque.

Players had to unlock access to Fortnite’s Online Open tournaments in order to qualify through the Arena game mode. Gamers then had a three-hour window to rack up as many tournament points as they could to try to qualify for the next round.

Qualifiers went on to the New York finals, with a total prize pool of $30 million up for grabs.

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