Does Fortnite Have a Ranking System?

by Phirex

Most of the top eSports have some sort of ranking system, but Fortnite is yet to introduce one that works for everyone who plays the game.

Epic Games has been working hard to push the eSports credentials of Fortnite, with the game’s first World Cup held last year.

There were 40 million entrants into the tournament but it was a 16-year-old American – Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf – who came out on top when the final was held in New York City.

Despite Fortnite making moves in the world of eSports, gamers are still waiting for Epic to introduce a proper ranking system.

Why a ranking system is important for eSports
Fortnite’s arena mode

There is one simple reason why eSports need a ranking system: to show which players are the best at the game.

While there is the Arena ranked mode in Fortnite, this does properly not track who the top players are in the game at any one point.

Instead, Fortnite’s Arena ranked mode is used mainly for the game’s daily cups, as well as the various qualifiers that are held for major tournaments.

Apex Legends and PUBG are among Fortnite’s competitors to have a more comprehensive ranking system, but Epic is yet to say whether or not this is the plan for its smash-hit game.

Does Fortnite need a proper ranking system?

Fortnite prides itself on being a casual game that can appeal to everyone. But if the Epic title is to have a serious future in the world of eSports, it likely needs a proper ranking system.

Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins, who is among the most popular Fortnite players, is firmly of the belief that Epic needs to introduce a real ranking system into the game as soon as possible.

He recently posted on Twitter: “Feel like it’d be such a win-win. A place for pros to REALLY grind and feel like they’re improving, and would make pubs at least somewhat more ‘fun’ focussed.”

With Season 3 of the game on the horizon, Fortnite players will be keenly awaiting news from Epic on the game’s current and future ranking systems.

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