Is FIFA an Esport?

by Phirex

The very first Fifa game was released in the weeks leading up to Christmas 1993 and by 2000 was already being played competitively.

One year later it became an official game at the World Cyber Games  – an international esports competition featuring hundreds of esport athletes from around the world – and now has a variety of leagues and competitions that are played throughout the year.

Germany has the biggest Fifa community, including the Electronic Super League and World League esport Bundesliga, which is aired by national TV-broadcaster Deutsches Sportfernsehen.

South Korea also has a televised league, while in the UK, both BT Sport and Sky Sports broadcast the finals of the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Finals.

Taking place at London’s 02 Arena, the 2019 FIFA eWorld Cup generated more than 47 million views across various online platforms over the course of three days, with games streamed on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

There was also a substantial prize for the eventual winner, Mohammed Harkous from Germany, who walked away with $250,000.

This online World Cup competition has taken place every year since 2004 and last year saw more than 20 million people enter the qualifying rounds of the tournament.

This makes it the world’s largest video game tournament, with games played on the latest console generation of Xbox and PlayStation.

Fifa is also seen as one of the most accessible esport games with billions of people around the world knowing the rules of football and the players, while also having an emotional attachment to a specific team.

Many professional football clubs and players have also launched their own esport teams. Arsenal star Mesut Ozil founded M10 esports, Real Madrid ace Gareth Bale is the co-owner of the Ellevens team and Barcelona striker Antoine Griezmann started Grizi esport with his brother Theo.

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