How Does The FIFA Ranking System Work?

by Phirex

With millions of people around the world playing Fifa and wondering just how good they are, the makers of the game decided to introduce a skill-driven ranking system known as Division Rivals.

An online mode within Fifa Ultimate Team (FUT), the idea is to test your skills against other players in order to earn a position within one of 10 divisions. There are then five rankings within this division.

FUT offers weekly rewards – Credit: Unsplash

To do this, you must first play five matches. Once completed, you are assigned a Skill Rating based on your performances in those games and then placed within one of the Divisions.

Even if you are new to the game, the matchmaking system will only match you with players of a similar Skill Rating, so every game should be competitive.

And just like in real life, the more games you win the better the chance of earning promotion and eventually topping Division 1.

Not only does this ranking show how you compare with other online players, but there is a chance to qualify for the Champions Weekend League where you can earn FUT rewards.

To do this you need to collect points by winning games, with 2,000 FUT Champions Points earning you a place in the weekly competition.

You earn 500 points for a win, 300 for a draw and 150 for a loss. While every goal scored earns you 90 points (up to five goals).

As you progress through the divisions, the rewards get even better. If you reach Division 1 and Rank I, you have the option of collecting 80,000 Coins, 1 Ultimate Pack and 1 Mega Pack, or 2 Ultimate Packs and 2 Mega Packs.

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