Who is The Best Dota 2 Hero For Me

by Phirex

With 119 heroes to choose from, and all of them being completely unlocked and free to use from the moment you boot up the game, finding the right ones for you can be a tricky task.

Now, any good Dota player will at the very least know how all of the heroes work, and be somewhat comfortable playing most of them.

But that will take hundreds of hours to master, and when you are just starting you will probably want to pick some of the simpler heroes, such as the ones below, to start your Dota journey. 


Shooting Star - Dota 2 Wiki
Dota 2 hero Sniper – Credit: Valve

For new players one of the hardest things to learn is where to position in Dota 2, in fact, even some more experienced players still struggle to get it right all the time! But Sniper is a great hero to start with as positioning is less of an issue.

Thanks to his massive attack range he can stand right in the back lines and not have to worry about how to position in the middle of a fight.

You just stand back and let your gun do the work for you. Combine that with some simple abilities to use and only really needing to build damage items and Sniper is pretty easy to pick up in the early days of your Dota 2 journey. 

Crystal Maiden 

Frost Avalanche Bundle
Dota 2 hero Crystal Maiden – Credit: Valve

Crystal Maiden can be tricky to play against good players as she has several weaknesses, but as a hero to learn how to play Dota she is a great choice and one that will always be a pick that will help your team no matter what you do.

She has an area of effect (AoE) slow and nuke ability, a root ability to keep enemies in place, a global aura that helps her entire team whenever she is alive and a massive AoE damage dealing spell.

That covers most of the major ability types in Dota, so once you master all of those you will have a pretty good grasp on how to use a lot of heroes in Dota. As a support hero primarily she also doesn’t require a lot of gold to be useful, which is great for those who struggle to last hit. 

Wraith King 

Wraith King/Lore - Dota 2 Wiki
Dota 2 hero Wraith King – Credit: Valve

If you are looking to be a big beefy carry who almost single handedly wins the game for your team then Wraith King is a great idea. He comes with only one ability you really need to worry about using, and that is a targeted stun to keep enemies locked in place.

His other skills give him lifesteal, which is great for staying alive, and a crit which makes him hit even harder. He can summon skeletons to help push, but you don’t really need to worry about that in a fight, so just focus on the stun and hitting people with that big old sword.

If you do die then your ultimate is there to save you, as it brings you back to life after a short wait giving you another chance to turn the fight. 


Dota 2 Hero Guide - Tidehunter | FirstBlood®
Dota 2 hero Tidehunter – Credit: Valve

If you struggle to stay alive in fights then Tidehunter might be the hero for you. Typically found in the offlane Tidehunter is very survivable with abilities that reduce the amount of damage he takes and a natural tankiness.

But what is perhaps even better is that in a fight all he really has to do is cast his ultimate ability, Ravage, to be useful. This massive AoE stun sends tentacles out of the ground, stunning any enemies close enough to hit.

Once you have hit this on two or three enemies your job is basically done, and anything else you can do is a bonus, as your team should be able to take advantage of the massive stun and win the fight quickly. 

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