How Does The Dota 2 Ranking System Work?

by Phirex

In Dota 2 there is quite a complex ranking system that is designed to match you against players of a similar skill level. The system features eight levels of medal, each of which has five sub levels within them.

After being unranked the first level of medal is Herald One, which rises to Herald Five before you move up to Guardian One. Each of the levels of medal follows this system of moving to a new medal after every five ranks continues to the top of the Divine level.

DOTA 2’s ranked ladder tests your ability with each step

After that players hit the Immortal level, which puts you on the official leaderboard. If you then crack the top 1,000, top 100, top 10 or top one then you will gain a new look medal.

Below is the full list of Dota 2 ranks in order from lowest skill to highest.

  • Herald One
  • Herald Two
  • Herald Three
  • Herald Four
  • Herald Five
  • Guardian One
  • Guardian Two
  • Guardian Three
  • Guardian Four
  • Guardian Five
  • Crusader One
  • Crusader Two
  • Crusader Three
  • Crusader Four
  • Crusader Five
  • Archon One
  • Archon Two
  • Archon Three
  • Archon Four
  • Archon Five
  • Legend One
  • Legend Two
  • Legend Three
  • Legend Four
  • Legend Five
  • Ancient One
  • Ancient Two
  • Ancient Three
  • Ancient Four
  • Ancient Five
  • Divine One
  • Divine Two
  • Divine Three
  • Divine Four
  • Divine Five
  • Immortal – Placed
  • Immortal – Top 1000
  • Immortal – Top 100
  • Immortal – Top 10
  • Immortal – Top 1

Each medal is tied to your MMR, which is a number that goes up or down depending on if you win or lose a game. Generally speaking a win in the ranked mode gives +25MMR and a loss is -25MMR.

While your medal will never go away, it is reset at the start of every season where every player will have to recalibrate their rank, so far each season has lasted around seven months. But fear not, as your highest medal will still be displayed on your profile.

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