Dota 2 Mid Lane Guide

by Phirex

If you like to do things on your own and show off as much as possible then playing in the mid lane is probably for you. Typically the mid player (also known as position 2) will start the game in a one on one matchup in their lane, while the other two lanes are usually two vs two fights.

So this means that you have to completely fend for yourself in the early stages. But with the extra farm that comes from being on your own, you can quickly become the most powerful hero on the map and use that to your advantage. 

It takes a lot of skill to be a good mid player, but before you can even think about making it to the top of the Dota scene as a mid player you will need to master the basics of the mid lane first. 

Where do I play?

As the name suggests the mid-laner plays in the Mid Lane, which is the one in the middle of the map. The Radiant and Dire mid lanes meet exactly in the centre of the map and are very similar.

Like the other lanes they feature a tier one, two and three tower and two Rax, but the mid lane is the shortest of the three lanes. 

What is my goal?

In the early stages of the game, your mission is to try and outperform the opposing mid player. You will want to try and kill more creeps than them and deny as many of yours as possible. If you can kill them a few times then that is even better. 

As the game progresses you will want to start to head towards other lanes and work with your team to score some more kills and push down some towers.

All the while you will want to continue to farm to make sure you stay ahead of the rest of the players and make sure that you remain one of the most powerful players on the map. 

What heroes are good in the mid lane?
DOTA 2 hero Mars – Credit Valve

There are a lot of heroes that can function well in the mid lane, and perhaps more than in other lanes you will want to pick a hero that counters your opponent’s mid laner, but there are some that are great places to start.

Heroes that can kill creeps and harass the enemy mid laner from a distance such as Zeus and Sniper are good for newer players, or you can go in the other direction and select a tanky hero such as Dragon Knight who can take a lot of damage without worrying about dying. 

Tips and Tricks to improve your game. 

Creep Blocking 

When the first wave of creeps spawns you can walk in front of them to block their progress, thus making them arrive at the centre of the lane later.

If you do this better than your opponent then the creeps will meet closer to your tower, and potentially on your high ground giving you a massive advantage.

Not only will you be closer to the safety of your tower, but if you can get the creeps on your high ground that makes them harder to last hit for your opponents, thanks to the uphill miss chance. 

Power Runes 

Every two minutes after the four-minute mark a power rune will spawn at one of two rune spots close to the mid lane. These can offer big advantages such as doubling your damage, giving you maximum movement speed, or restoring your health and manna.

Some heroes benefit from these more than others, but you should always keep an eye on the clock and if you can go for a rune safely as it spawns it could give you a big advantage in your lane.

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