Dota 2 Carry Guide

by Phirex

If you are someone who likes to put the whole team on your back and make sure you win the game for them then playing the carry role is for you.

In fact, that’s even where the name carry comes from, because it is your responsibility to carry your team to victory once you become unstoppable. 

Support players may claim that all a carry does is click on creeps, but we all know that there is much more to it than that. You have to click on the enemies as well!

On a serious note becoming a good carry takes a lot of skill, but if you will need to master the basics. 

Where do I play?

The carry, or position one, will typically play in the Safe Lane, which for the Radiant side is the bottom lane and for the Dire side is the top lane.

Unlike League of Legends where the lanes are symmetrical for both sides, in Dota one side has an advantage in each of the side lanes.

In the safe lane, the creeps meet closer to your tower, giving you extra safety hence the name, making it easier for you to farm without fear of an unseen gank if you control the lane equilibrium. 

What is my goal?

Your goal is to farm as much as possible, become the richest and most powerful hero on the map and then go and kill everyone and take their base.

Simple right? While other roles have a lot of nuance to what their actual goals are, the carry is pretty simple, get big, don’t die, win the game.

You should be the hero that the enemy team fears, the one they can’t kill and the one that can take them down in just a few hits. 

What heroes are good for a carry?

Dota 2 hero Medusa – Credit Valve

Some players will tell you that every hero can work as a carry, and while that might be a tiny bit true, there are certainly some that are more suited to the role.

Anti Mage, for example, is a creep killing machine and can quickly become unstoppable if you get free farm, as are Medusa and Spectre.

Others are more than capable of fighting without a ton of farm such as Luna, Ember Spirit and Juggernaut to name just a few, while others excel in certain areas such as Slark who can pick off supports with ease or Faceless Void who can control an entire team with his abilities. 

Tips and Tricks to improve your game. 

Work with your support 

Yes this should be standard for all members of the team, but for the carry, it is especially important in the laning stage. If the creeps are getting too close to the enemy tower ask your support to pull, if you are feeling very safe you can ask them to stack some camps, or help another lane.

And if you are struggling to get close to the creeps you can ask them to harass the opponents more. In the early stages of the game you need to rely on your support a lot, and good teamwork here will make you unstoppable later. 

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency 

If you are standing doing nothing as a carry then you are probably making a mistake. There is almost always something you could be doing to earn more gold, and as the one position, it is unlikely anyone else will need it more than you.

Clear jungle camps, kill lane creeps, heck even kill enemies if you can. As a carry, you should always be thinking about how to best increase your net worth, and how to do it most efficiently.

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