Best Dota 2 Streamers to Watch on Twitch

by Phirex

Dota 2 is the most lucrative esport in the world in terms of tournament play so it is no surprise it is one of the most popular games for people to stream on Twitch too.

Here are five of the top streamers on Twitch for Dota 2 – they are all highly recommended so check them out today!


AdmiralBulldog is a must-follow as one of the undoubted best Dota 2 streamers on Twitch, with the Swedish player having previously won The International with Alliance in 2013.

Nowadays, AdmiralBulldog has collected 677,000 followers on Twitch with his streams usually attracting many thousands of live viewers.

This makes him one of the top English-language Twitch streamers for Dota 2, with his expertise on the game shining through.

AdmiralBulldog, a Swedish gamer whose real name is Henrik Ahnberg, tends to stream more on a Monday than any other day of the week.

AdmiralBulldog also regularly pops up as an analyst during the top Dota 2 tournaments of the year, having given up competitive play on the game.


Another experienced Dota 2 streamer on Twitch who makes our list of recommended people to follow on the platform is Arteezy.

The Uzbekistan-born Canadian – whose real name Artour Babaev – plays for Evil Geniuses and has a number of high finishes at Dota 2 majors under his belt. Followed by 582,000 people on Twitch, Arteezy usually plays Dota 2 as either carry or midlaner.

His streams are categorised by a unique sense of humour and a music taste that is also quite unusual. Arteezy’s skill on Dota 2 has dipped slightly since he was considered among the leading lights on the game, but his streams are still worth checking out on Twitch.

Dota 2 is very lucrative for the top players


Next on our list of the best Dota 2 streamers to watch on Twitch is Dendi, who has long been considered one of the most interesting players of the game due to his unique approach.

Some 700,000 people follow Dendi on Twitch, with many of them no doubt attracted by his superb track record in the game. Ukrainian player Dendi – real name Danil Ishutin – used his Dota 2 creativity in order to come out on top with Na’Vi at The International 2011.

That announced Dendi as a Dota 2 player to watch and even nearly a decade on, his inventive style makes his Twitch streams of the game extremely watchable, although he is no longer an elite talent.

At the start of the year, Dendi set up his own new esports organisation, B8, but early results were mediocre.


Although he has retired from competitive Dota 2 play, SingSing is still thought of as one of the best streamers of the game on Twitch.

He has 570,000 followers on the platform and his streams are usually watched by thousands of people, even if some within the esports community have dismissed him as something of a troll.

Hailing from the Netherlands, SingSing – real name Wehsing Yuen – has racked up tens of millions of total views on his Twitch profile.

Just like Dendi, SingSing takes a creative and unusual approach to the game, which means his streams can be an important learning experience for anyone who is quite new to Dota 2 play.

Dota 2 has remained very popular over the years


Last but not least is Wagamama, who has long been considered one of the most famous Dota 2 players in the world. Another Swedish player, Wagamama’s real name is Niklas Högström and he has more than 300,000 followers on Twitch.

The 31-year-old is still one of the most impressive Dota 2 stars around, having triumphed at Midas Mode 2 – Europe last year. Wagamama has also been known to stream Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith and Spellbreak but Dota is his main focus.

In particular, anyone wishing to develop their Templar Assassin prowess should watch Wagamama.

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