Tips For Getting Better in CS:GO

by Phirex

If you have found yourself struggling to pick up important kills or win rounds in Counter-Strike Global Offensive then it can be very frustrating.

Chances are your teammates will be getting on your back, and you will be spending more time watching them from the grave than actually playing the game itself.

Many people would probably quit and never look back at that point, but by clicking this article you have taken the first step to improving your CS:GO skills, with these top tips that will undoubtedly make you a much better player. 

Pull your mouse down when you fire

The right technique goes a long way – Credit: Valve

One of the biggest mistakes newer players make is not accounting for your weapons recoil. Pretty much every weapon will kickback when you fire it, and this means that your bullets will start to move upwards as you continue to fire.

To combat this you will need to move your mouse downwards as you hold the fire button to account for the recoil and keep your bullets landing in the same place.

As you get better you can learn specific recoil patterns including side to side adjustments, but to get started just focus on the vertical adjustments.                                         

Stand still when you shoot              

In a similar manner to the previous tip, you will always want to stand perfectly still when you fire your weapon. If you are moving then it doesn’t matter how good your recoil control is, as your in-game accuracy will be lowered and your bullets will go all over the place.

Stand still and your accuracy will be as normal, and if you crouch it will be even easier to control your weapon. 

Don’t always reload as soon as you get a kill                      

Muscle memory is a hard thing to break, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is instantly reloading when you get a kill. In faster-paced games with respawns this can be a good idea, but in CS:GO it usually isn’t.

Often players will play in pairs and as soon as you take one down another might challenge you straight away, and if you are reloading you don’t stand a chance.

Use the sound of the game to try and determine if another player is near, and only reload if you think it is safe to do so and you need to do it. 

Learn some smokes               

As well as getting good with the guns in CS:GO you will need to learn how to use the variety of grenades as well. Most are pretty simple to master, but the smoke grenade can be used in some very interesting ways.

You can throw them over some buildings and walls, and in a lot of cases throw them from one side of the map to the other. A well-executed smoke can confuse the enemy of where it came from, and force them to reconsider their position.

Jump onto YouTube and watch some smoke tutorials and you will see the crazy possibilities available to you.       

Try a fake plant or defuse          

While shooting people in the face is always a good skill to have, the actual objective of each round is to either plant and defend, or defuse the bomb.

When planting or defusing a loud sound is played when you start, which will alert nearby enemies to your location and vulnerability while dealing with the bomb. But you can use this to trick them, start to plant or defuse to make the sound happen, then stop and try to kill them as they pop out to try and kill you.

They will be expecting you to be fiddling with a bomb and not about to shoot them in the face. 

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