Is CS:GO an Esport?

by Phirex

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports in the world, with millions of dollars in prize money being given away every year.

The top players are some of the biggest gaming stars in the world and millions of people watch them play almost every week.

CS:GO launched in 2012 and almost immediately tournaments started to pop up. It took a good few months for the community to fully transition to the latest version of CS:GO with many sticking with Counter-Strike 1.6 for a while.

But soon all the top competitions were being played on CS:GO and now it is the only version of Counter-Strike played competitively.

Today it is one of the three biggest esports in the world, with some claiming it is the biggest. Over 1.1 million people tuned in at the same time to view the final of the 2018 ELEAGUE Major, with many other top tournaments hitting similar numbers.

Every year the Majors, the biggest tournaments in CS:GO featuring the very top teams, have a prize pool of $1 million, while many other tournaments regularly have prize pools above $250,000.

There are hundreds of CS:GO tournaments every year, with 344 tournaments giving away a total of $24,219,456.93 in prize money in 2019.

Some were just small LAN gatherings of a few teams while others were major competitions in stadiums around the world where the very best in the world compete in front of tens of thousands of fans live.

Many fans will argue that CS:GO is, in fact, the best esport in the world due to its massive viewer numbers and its simplicity.

Unlike games such as League of Legends or Dota 2 that require a lot of knowledge about the game to be able to watch, anyone can understand CS:GO as everyone in the world understands how guns work and can react to a quick flick shot.

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