CS:GO Terrorist Guide

by Phirex

Despite the somewhat ominous name, the terrorist (T) side in CS:GO is incredibly fun to play. It requires a lot of teamwork, proper strategy and depending on how the round goes your objectives can change completely.

If you are good at playing mind games then the T side is for you, as you will be looking to outsmart the CT side with your movement and utility usage, but there is also a lot you need to know to be able to master the T side basics. 

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The objective for the T side is to plant and detonate the bomb on one of the two bomb sites on each map. You will have to make your way onto a bomb site, plant the bomb and then defend it while the 40-second detonation timer runs down.

After that 40 seconds is up the bomb will blow up and the round is yours. You can also win by killing all of the CT players at any point during the round, as soon as all the CTs are dead the round ends, regardless of if the bomb has been planted or not.  


Generally speaking, the T side economy is easier to manage than the CT side. The AK47, which is the go-to weapon for most T side players, is cheaper than the CT’s M4A4 and M4A1-S, and the T side does not have to worry about having to purchase a defuse kit.

This means that getting a full buy is generally cheaper than being on the CT side and gives the T’s a slight economy advantage. 


When it comes to tactics on the T side there is a lot to go through. Generally, you will need to coordinate with your team and have some kind of plan for what you are doing.

If everyone goes off and does their own thing then you are walking into the waiting sights of the CTs who will want to pick you off one by one. Generally, you will all want to target the same bomb site and make sure you have all the angles covered at a minimum.

More advanced teams with good communication can coordinate utility usage and have more detailed strategies for getting onto a bomb site. 

Tips and Tricks 

Quickly plant the bomb when all CTs are dead

If you win the round on the T side by killing all of the CT players then if you have the bomb you should try and run to the bomb site and plant the bomb before the next round starts.

While the end of the round might seem like dead time, you can still earn money so by planting the bomb you will earn an extra $300 that could prove very useful.

There’s only a few seconds in which to do this, but always try it if you think it is possible as that free money will always help you out in future rounds. 

Use utility to fake your movements   

Using your grenades wisely is a key skill for all CS:GO players to learn, but on the T side sometimes wasting utility intentionally can be a good idea.

Most maps have spots where you can throw a smoke from one side of the map to the other, so if you are about to burst onto the A site, it might be an idea to try and throw a smoke over to B before you move to try and make the CT side think you are going to B.

This might cause a player or two to move to B, giving you a free run onto A and set up to defend the bomb. 

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