CS:GO Counter-Terrorist Guide

by Phirex

Playing on the Counter-Terrorist (CT) side in Counter-Strike Global Offensive comes with quite a few challenges that the Terrorist (T) side do not have to worry about, but there’s also a lot of advantages in the way you have to play.

After all, it is down to the T side to come to you, and the CT side can just sit and wait for people to walk into your crosshairs. However, many players struggle to master this basic of the CT side, so here is everything you need to know to improve your CT game. 

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Your objective as the CT side is very simple, kill all the terrorists and stop the bomb going off. The easiest way to win a round is simply to kill all five opponents, but the CTs can also win by defusing the bomb after it has been planted, or time running out before the T side can plant the bomb. 


When it comes to the money you have available the CT side are at a slight disadvantage compared to the T side. The main weapons of choice, the M4A4 and the M4A1-S both cost more than the T side AK47.

And most CT players will also want to purchase a $400 Defuse Kit that reduces the amount of time it takes to defuse the bomb, which can be the difference between a won and lost round.

Generally speaking, the CTs will invest more than the T side on a full buy round, meaning the economy is slightly harder to manage. 


With two bomb sites to defend with just five players, most of the time you are going to want to split up with your team and keep your eye on key areas of the map where the T side is likely to try and go.

When your team gives you information about where the opponents are then you will want to try and rotate to even up the fight, but be prepared to take more one v one fights or some with even worse odds when playing on the CT side. 

Of course, the big advantage the CT side has is that the T side has to come to them to plant the bomb, so when playing on the CT side you will generally want to hang back and watch a corner where the T side is likely to appear.

Don’t run directly to the T side spawn as most of the time this will end badly, hold your position and wait to take a good fight. You should only really be moving from your starting position once you have good information on where the opponents are, which should come from your team or by looking at the minimap. 

Tips and Tricks


You’ll want to try and set up what’s known as crossfires with your team on certain maps and positions. This is where you and another team mate both cover the same area, but from different angles.

So if someone pops out and aims at you, your teammate will be unseen and able to kill them, hopefully before they do the same to you. 

Waste time 

When on the CT side you will also want to try and delay the T side as much as possible. They have a limited amount of time to get the bomb planted, so the more time you can waste with grenades to stop their progress the better.

One well-placed smoke or Molotov can waste enough time that the T side will lose the round as they don’t get the bomb down in time. Not all utility usage has to result in kills. 

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