What is The Best Gun For me in Call of Duty?

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When it comes to selecting a weapon in Call of Duty a lot depends on your style of play – especially if you want to be competitive in the multiplayer modes.

If you aim to rack up as many kills as possible while running around the map, then a light weapon with a high fire-rate is best for you. 

If you prefer to sit and wait for enemies then shotguns are ideal thanks to the high damage they inflict, while a sniper rifle is a great choice for those looking to steer clear and hide from the opposition team.

There is a gun for every kind of playstyle and below we explore which are the best in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Best SMG: MP5

Warzone | MP5 - Best Loadout & Attachments | Call of Duty Modern ...
The MP5 – Credit: gamewith.net

Great for those who want to run and gun, this powerful submachine gun has a fast fire rate and great mobility.

The accurate firing pattern and impressive engagement range mean it performs more like an assault rifle than an SMG, while the grip and laser sight attachment allow you to be extra aggressive when firing from the hip. 

Best assault rifle: M4A1

5 best M4A1 Assault Rifle classes and loadouts in Modern Warfare ...
The M4A1 – Credit: Activision

A great gun for those new to the game, this hugely popular assault rifle is one of the most devastating weapons in the game thanks to its incredible range, high damage, low recoil and accurate firing pattern.

With a sizeable 30-round magazine, you’ll have no trouble dispatching multiple enemies without having to reload. A great weapon to have in a one-on-one gunfight, it is also impressive at range, especially when you pair it with an optic sight. 

Best shotgun: 725 

Why Modern Warfare's 725 shotgun is more overpowered after Patch ...
The 725 shotgun – Credit: Activision

Whether you want to sit and camp in a corner and wait for the enemies, or storm into a crowded room and obliterate multiple bad guys – the 725 shotgun is a great choice.

Particularly popular on maps such as Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard and Gun Runner, this weapon is ideal for close-range encounters thanks to the huge amount of damage just one shot inflicts. Even at distance, two blasts from this gun will secure a kill. 

Best Sniper Rifle: AX-50

Warzone】AX-50 - Best Loadout & Attachments【Call of Duty Modern ...
The AX-50 sniper rifle – Credit: gamewith.net

Especially popular on the 32vs32 Ground War maps, this bolt-action sniper rifle deals out a huge amount of damage, meaning that hits to the body are equally as deadly as those to the head.

Allowing for kills over long distances, there is a chance that you will give your position away if you miss because of the loud boom that goes with every shot. But when paired with a suppressor and a stock, the recoil remains low and the damage output remains high.


Warzone】PKM - Best Loadout & Attachments【Call of Duty Modern ...
The PKM – Credit: gamewith.net

When it comes to objective-based games, a light machine gun is a great choice thanks to its high damage and huge magazines. The PKM is the best of the bunch and lends itself perfectly to inexperienced players.

The fire rate may be slow and the spray can be difficult to control, but when you can fire 100 bullets before needing to reload, you will likely deal out enough damage, especially when the gun is mounted and aiming is easier.

A great all-around weapon and perfect for suppressing an enemy team. 

Best Marksman Rifle: MK2 Carbine

Warzone | MK2 Carbine - Best Loadout & Attachments | Call of Duty ...
The MK2 Carbine – Credit: gamewith.net

Rifles are traditionally difficult for nwcomers to the game. They have a slow rate of firing and are difficult to aim, making one-on-one gunfights extremely difficult.

Fortunately, the MK2 lever-action rifle has a much faster fire rate so you should be able to land multiple shots before the enemy has a chance to respond.

Once your aim has improved this weapon can dominate, with any shot to the chest or head resulting in a one-shot kill. 

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