What Are The Game Modes in Call of Duty?

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After Black Ops 4 became the first CoD title without a traditional single-player campaign mode, Modern Warfare reintroduced the popular game mode.

Providing the chance to play against AI enemies, it requires tactical gameplay as there are door breaching and lots of map exploration.

The story follows a CIA officer and British SAS forces as they team up with rebels from the fictional country of Urzikstan to combat enemy Russian forces. 

Special Ops

This mode features cooperative play missions that follow up the campaign’s story. This multiplayer mode supports cross-platform multiplayer for the first time in the series – meaning you can play against people using Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC.

Like the campaign, it requires tactical gameplay and has introduced a new feature called Realism. This allows you to play Special Ops without a HUD (Heads-up display), essentially removing the crosshair, ammo indicator and radar. 

Team Deathmatch

One of the most popular multiplayer modes in CoD, the goal is to reach a score of 75 kills or have more kills than the opposing team after a 10-minute time limit. This mode has anywhere from one to six players on a team. 

Team deathmatch is a classic – Credit: Activision


A true test of your skills, this mode has a 10-minute time limit where everyone is out for themselves. The objective is to try and reach 30 kills before your opponents, or have the highest number of kills before the time ends. 


A classic game mode that is always hugely competitive, the object is to capture flags and hold them for a long as possible. Points are awarded for holding the flag and the first team to get 200 points wins. 

Search And Destroy

A mode that is favoured by a lot of professional CoD players, the aim of the game is to either defend or attack a bomb site. Teams contain anywhere from one to six players and you only receive one life per round. It is the best of seven rounds. 

Search and destroy is another popular mode – Credit: Activision

Kill Confirmed

Similar to Team Deathmatch, the idea is to get as many kills as possible. But this time when a player is killed a dog tag is dropped.

If you or your team pick up the tag of an enemy then you get a point, or if the tag belongs to a teammate then you save a point from being taken. The first team to 75 points gets the victory. 


Throughout the game, a designated headquarters appears on the map and both teams attempt to capture it and hold it for as long as possible, or until the timer ends after 30 seconds.

Points are awarded as you hold the headquarters, with a victory achieved when you reach the 200-point limit or when the match timer ends. When a headquarters is captured, if you die you will not respawn until it has relocated to another area of the map. 


The same rules apply as Headquarters, but this time the point limit is raised to 250 and there are no respawns when you die. 

Capture The Flag

Another classic game mode, the idea is to capture the flag of the enemy team and return it to your base. If you achieve this then a point is awarded. 

Cyber Attack

Requiring a team of six, the objective of this mode is to either plant a bomb (EMP) or diffuse it. If you are downed, then you can be revived by a teammate or will respawn when the round ends. If your entire team dies then the match is over. 

Gun Game

A great way to learn all about the weapons in CoD, you start with a gun and after each kill, it changes to another weapon. The objective is to get 30 kills or as many as possible until the 10-minute time limit is reached.


Replacing Zombie mode from other CoD games, this time teams are split into either the healthy or infected side. The idea is to eliminate all of the infected or the healthy players, depending on which side you are on.

The twist is that the infected side can infect players of the other team so you can end up being completely outnumbered if you are on the healthy team. 

Team Deathmatch 10v10

Deathmatch mode but with 10 players on each team and the score limit is increased to 100 points. 

Domination 10v10

Domination mode but with 10 players and the scoring is still the first to 200 points. 


A giant version of domination, there are five objectives to capture and hold and each team can have up to 32 players. This mode has the added benefit of having vehicles that can be used during the fight such as tanks and choppers


A 2v2 mode where the first team to win six rounds is victorious. A good way to experience close-quarter gunfights, each time a round ends a new weapon has to be used. 

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