How Does The Call of Duty Ranking System Work?

by Phirex

Unlike previous versions of CoD, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduced a fresh multiplayer progression system that allows you to unlock killstreaks, upgrades, unique perks, weapons and attachments. 

In contrast to previous versions of the game, when playing the multiplayer modes you no longer work your way up to a certain level before enabling the Prestige Mode. 

Like in previous games you earn XP by winning games and completing challenges, with your rank starting at one (Private) and going up to 55 (Command Sergeant Major V).

However, instead of resetting once you’ve reached level 55, you hit the Office Rank, which opens up another 100 ranks and more exclusive challenges. 

The Officer Rankings then reset at the start of a new Modern Warfare season, so everyone is once again back at a level playing field. 

Should you want to see how you compare against other players around the world, Modern Warfare has a Combat Record page which lets you see a variety of stats.

Not only can you track how many kills you have with a specific weapon and see your score per minute, but you can see where your Kill/Death ratio puts you on the global leaderboard. 

It is these leaderboards that show who are the best players in the world and give you an idea of where you rank globally. 

You can also download the Companion App where you can view your lifetime stats and share them with your friends. You will also be able to see which modes you are performing best in as there are in-depth stats for every game mode. 

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