How do I Get Better at Call of Duty?

by Phirex

With so many titles and millions of players perfecting their skills over the years, the world of Call of Duty is highly competitive.

And while you can adjust the difficulty when playing the campaign, when it comes to the numerous multiplayer modes, a newcomer (noob) will undoubtedly find it hugely difficult and most probably pretty frustrating. 

But don’t be disheartened, there are plenty of ways to improve and ensure you gain those vital killstreaks and achieve a positive kill/death ratio in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

Play the campaign first 

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered | Campaign
The campaign is a great place to start – Credit: Activision

Don’t be tempted to jump straight into the multiplayer modes, instead get to know the game by completing the campaign. Not only can you adjust the difficulty to suit your skill level, but it will help you learn the tactics that translate to online.

You won’t be faced with dozens of enemies all at once and instead will get used to more intimate gunfights. It will also teach you how to clear rooms with teammates and the always important strategy of checking corners. 

Practice with friends and against the AI 

Another great way to refine your skills before jumping into multiplayer games is to set up private matches against friends or the AI Bots. Here you can work on your aim, practice with the huge variety of weapons and learn the maps.

This last point is hugely important as you’ll learn where snipers like to hole up and which spots are ideal for a spot of camping (hiding and waiting for enemies). 

Find your play style 

Thanks to the variety of online game modes and the huge selection of weapons, there are numerous ways to play CoD. If you like an all-action approach and don’t mind dying to get lots of kills – then a run and gun style will suit you best.

If you’d rather find a quiet spot and wait for the enemy – then camping is the best fit. Alternatively, stealth might be the best bet or perhaps you aren’t too bothered about kills and ratios and simply want to focus on the objective. Find out which you enjoy the most and then work out which guns are best for your style. 

Find the right gun

You know which approach works best for you – now it’s time to get the gun to match your style. Experiment with each weapon and see which you have the most success with.

Shotguns are great for those who like to camp, while assault rifles are generally considered the best all-around guns as they are good at range and in close quarters.

Sniper rifles require the most accuracy and are perhaps the most difficult to use when first playing, while small machine guns tend to have high fire rates and don’t necessarily require much aiming as you can shoot from the hip. 

Headphones will help 

The right gear can make a big difference – Credit: Unsplash

There’s a reason that gaming headphones have become so popular in recent years and playing CoD without them puts you at a massive disadvantage.

They are hugely helpful in multiplayer modes as they increase your awareness, whether it’s hearing footsteps or helping to better identify where gunshots are coming from. Pinpointing an enemy should also give you a significant advantage when it comes to gaunfights. 

Use doors to your advantage 

You’ll be amazed at how many players blindly run at doors, kick them open and sprint into a room without checking their surroundings. Make the most of this by camping by the door with an SMG or shotgun and earning some easy kills.

Though if this isn’t your style, then choose to open the door while aiming down your sights. This gives you a tiny window to see enemies and get a grenade into the room. 

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