Why is There no Ranked in Valorant?

by Mike Stubbs

Valorant is finally out, after what seemed like an age with the beta switched off, but there is one big thing that is missing from the final launch version of Valorant, and that is ranked play.

Despite being available in the beta there is no ranked mode in Valorant currently, with the only options being the new Spike Rush game mode and unranked matches.

While this may seem strange given that it was a key part of the beta, Riot Games has given some reasoning behind the decision to launch without a ranked mode.

Ranked is not available at launch to give everyone a chance to learn the game without having the pressure of being in ranked matches.

After the game has been out for a few weeks ranked matchmaking will return, albeit with a few unannounced changes.

While many will be disappointed with the lack of ranked play the reasoning behind it is solid, if you are playing a ranked match you expect all players to have a good understanding of what is going on.

But if ranked was available straight away you would have a decent chance of playing with people who are still learning the game, which would give you a disadvantage.

While we don’t entirely know what changes will be made to ranked when it does return to Valorant in a few weeks, we do know that the top rank will not be called Valorant anymore.

A new name has not been revealed, but in an interview with Polygon, the dev team confirmed the name change would be coming.

The dev team also confirmed that solo queue and duo queue will not be coming to Valorant anytime soon. This means that you will continue to have to play against parties when you are playing on your own.

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