Which Valorant Agents Have Been Buffed And Nerfed on Release?

by Mike Stubbs

With the launch of Valorant, there have been quite a few changes to what we got to play in the closed beta, and the most significant has come in the form of nerfs and buffs to certain agents.

Not all agents have seen major changes, in fact, a lot of them have not been changed at all from how they played in the beta, but others have been buffed or nerfed significantly.

The biggest loser from the launch patch is Sage, who has been heavily nerfed. Her Healing Orb now has a 10 second higher cooldown, while her Barrier Orb has had its duration and health decreased.

She was classed as one of the most powerful agents in the beta so it is no surprise to see her nerfed again, but early impressions suggest that she is still powerful.

The other major nerf came to Raze, who had her Blast Pack maximum damage radius reduced from two to one meter. This should reduce its potential as a damage-dealing ability.

Jett and Phoenix were the biggest winners from the patch. The former had her Cloud Burst smokes increased from a four-second duration to a seven-second duration, and her Tailwind ability now automatically breaks Cypher’s Trapwires.

Phoenix had his Blaze duration increased to eight seconds, up from six, and the healing effect has been changed to match Hot Hands.

His Curveball max flash duration has increased to a massive 1.1 seconds, making them even stronger, and his Run it Back ultimate automatically reloads your weapon when it ends.

Finally, Omen has seen some buffs, but mostly in terms of improved UI when using his abilities.

Dark cover is now easier to cast and figure out exactly where it will go, and Shrouded Step now has a map location marker to show where you are teleporting to.

Finally, you can also cancel his ultimate if you notice the area you are teleporting to is unsafe, which should stop a lot of unlucky deaths.

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