When is Esports Boxing Club Out?

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Boxing fans are waiting patiently for more news about Esports Boxing Club – a game that is set to pack a punch on its release later in the year.

Details are being gradually confirmed about the upcoming title, which is being developed by Steel City Interactive for PC, the current consoles and the next-gen ones that are on the way.

More than 50 boxers have already been signed up to appear in the game, with more set to be announced soon. Female boxers are in Esports Boxing Club too, with WBC/IBO world champion Terri Harper having been confirmed by Steel City as being included.

But the question fight fans really want an answer to is simple: When is Esports Boxing Club out?

No release date yet confirmed by Steel City

Unfortunately, the indie developers at Steel City have been keeping their cards close to their chest when it comes to the Esports Boxing Club release date.

However, a release by the end of 2020 is expected with the title set to debut on PC. Releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will follow and the game is also being prepared for release on the upcoming next-gen consoles.

The Steel City Interactive website currently only says that the game is “coming soon”. Fans asking ‘when is Esports Boxing Club out?’ cannot yet pre-order the game at this time either. 

They can, though, sign up with their email address on Steel City’s website for more information.

What can boxing fans expect from Esports Boxing Club?

Esports Boxing Club is expected to land a heavy blow due to the involvement of Ten24, which helped to make hits out of games like Death Stranding, Halo and Final Fantasy.

While Sheffield studio Steel City is more unknown, having Ten24 on board should assure people that Esports Boxing Club is going to be the real deal.

Early glimpses of the game have been met with nothing short of a raucous response with boxing fans having had a long wait for the last title based on their favourite sport.

It is several years since EA Sports unleashed the latest game in its Fight Night series, with Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn recently revealing that an update does not seem to be on the cards.

Hearn hinted in an Instagram Live session that he could consider launching his own boxing game in the future, but a collaboration over Esports Boxing Club is not impossible either.

Which fighters will be in Esports Boxing Club?

Steel City has been hard at work signing up boxers to be a part of Esports Boxing Club, with Matchroom’s world champion Harper among the most recent fighters to be confirmed. Sophie Alisch and Shannon Courtenay are new additions to the female roster on ESBC as well.

British icons Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton are set to feature alongside Kid Galahad and Sunny Edwards. The list of boxers involved is growing all the time with deals in place for Scott Quigg and Arturo Gatti, along with the twin brother duo Jason and Andrew Maloney.

Enzo Maccarinelli and Josh Taylor are also on board and a report in the Sun newspaper has also claimed that players can look forward to controlling legendary boxer Joe Frazier too.

Various big names from the sport are on board to help with the development of Esports Boxing Club too. Ryan Rhodes – who was British super welterweight champion during his fighting days – is the game’s technical consultant while the involvement of Ben Davison, a former trainer of Tyson Fury, has been announced by Steel City as well.

To add to the realism, Paul Dempsey and Johnny Nelson have been signed up to provide the commentary for Esports Boxing Club, which has its own Ultimate Team-style mode.

Steel City has not confirmed a date yet, leaving boxing fans to keep asking when is Esports Boxing Club out? But more news should come from the studio soon, so stay tuned!

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