What is Spike Rush in Valorant?

by Mike Stubbs

After players asking for less intense game modes throughout the Valorant closed beta Riot Games managed to pull together Spike Rush in time for launch to answer their demands. 

The new game mode debuted with the launch of Valorant on June 2 and has proved to be somewhat divisive between fans. Some love it, while others hate it. 

The game mode is designed to be much shorter and less intense than the traditional best of 25 games that were available in the beta, and make up the main mode for competitive play in the full launch. 

The Basics of Spike Rush

Instead of 25 rounds, games are played in a first to four format, with sides swapping at the end of the third round. If scores are tied at 3-3 one round of overtime is played, just like in the normal game mode. 

The big difference is that all loadouts are randomised at the start of every round, so you can never be sure what weapon you will have in the next round. All players in the match have the same weapon at the start of every round. 

All your abilities, other than your ultimate, are also available at the start of every round, meaning you don’t have to worry about buying them. 

With abilities and weapons are automatically given to you at the start of every round the economy side of the game has been removed.

Spike Rush is a nice break from the normal mode

The other major difference is the addition of powerup orbs across the map. These orbs function much like the ultimate orbs you see in normal matches.

Claiming one of the orbs will give you or your team some kind of power-up. Some give you a more powerful weapon, others grant hyper-speed or fully charge your ultimate.

And perhaps the most controversial is the decay orb, which decays the enemies health and armour down significantly, making them very easy to kill.

Spike Rush can be played on all four of the current maps, with the power-up orbs usually spawning in the middle of the map to make sure both teams have a chance at getting them.

To play it all you have to do is navigate to the “Play” tab, and then under the main menu at the top of the screen, there is a Spike Rush option that needs to be selected.

Once that is highlighted you can click the big play button and you will be entered into a Spike Rush match.

Spike Rush usually takes less than 10 minutes to play, which is a lot less than the 40 minutes to an hour that you need to set aside for a competitive game.

This makes it a great option when you are pushed for time or don’t fancy a big commitment to a competitive match.

Spike Rush has seen mixed reviews so far

Fan Reception

Many players are enjoying the mode, with the faster pace and lower stakes making things a little more chilled than the intense competitive modes. 

However, others are very disappointed with the new mode, saying it is not what they wanted when they asked for a new less serious game mode. 

Many fans wanted a mode that they could use to warm up for competitive play, by getting in some good aim practise. 

But with the random weapons available in Spike Rush, and the power-ups that make some fights unfair, mean that this mode is not great for warming up. 

For newcomers to Valorant and those who want to chill out a little then Spike Rush is a great game mode, as it doesn’t carry the long time commitment and stress levels of competitive matches. 

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