What is Esports Boxing Club?

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A big breakthrough game for 2020 is expected to be Esports Boxing Club, an upcoming title from Steel City Interactive.

Described as “a deep RPG orientated simulation” by the game’s developers, Esports Boxing Club is fully licensed with the prestigious WBC and The Ring Magazine titles both included.

Various real-life boxers are going to be in the game too. Frank Bruno, Ricky Hatton and Josh Taylor are among those confirmed, along with Kid Galahad and Sunny Edwards.

Excitement around Esports Boxing Club is growing fast – but what exactly is it?

Ultimate Team-style mode included

While no release date for Esports Boxing Club has been set yet, more and more details about the game are being released to whet the appetite of boxing fans.

It has, however, been confirmed that dozens of real-life fighters are going to be included in the game. Among them as well as those named above are Scott Quigg and Arturo Gatti, as well as Enzo Maccarinelli and twin brothers Jason and Andrew Maloney.

One of the latest boxers to be added to the list of those featured in Esports Boxing Club is the legendary fighter Joe Frazier, according to a recent report by the Sun newspaper.

But getting some boxers signed up has proven to be a challenge. With boxers signed up to various organisations, it has not been possible to deal with a single body over image rights. However, Steel City says it has already snapped up more than 50 boxers for its new game.

Early glimpses of the game have been met with a positive response from fight fans, with the input of Ten24 – which uses state of the art video game scanning technology – made clear.

Ten24 has been involved in a string of hit games in the past, with Halo and Death Stranding among the titles the company has worked on in recent years.

The heart of Esports Boxing Club is a mode named The Club, which has been likened to the phenomenally popular Ultimate Team from the FIFA football game series.

In The Club, players will be able to develop a group of their own fighters in order to compete online against other players. 

Cut men, nutritionists and promoters are all said to be included in the game, adding to the level of depth and control for the players of Esports Boxing Club.

How Esports Boxing Club compares to other boxing titles

Esports Boxing Club is expected to be released on PC first, with releases for future next-gen consoles the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X also likely to be on the cards down the line.

Indie developer Steel City – which is based in Sheffield – has its work cut out to get Esports Boxing Club ready to compete with some of the other big boxing names in the gaming world.

Earlier in the year, Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn suggested a fresh update to the Fight Night video game series could be on the cards, delighting fans of those titles.

“Fight Night Champion news? I’ve got a few things in the fire on Fight Night Champion,” Hearn said Hearn during an Instagram Live session back in March.

The Fight Night series was a hit for EA Sports, but it has been years since the last game was released. Other boxing titles such as Creed: Rise to Glory, which came out in 2018, have failed to make an impact either with critics or gamers.

It is clear from the name of the Esports Boxing Club game that Steel City has its eye on the growing world of esports, with boxing having been left behind to date. Signing up The Ring magazine and the WBC to be involved should help to ensure a level of realism, though.

Fight fans will be eagerly awaiting more news over Esports Boxing Club in the coming weeks.

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