Valorant: What Has Changed on Split?

by Mike Stubbs

The launch patch for Valorant brought a ton of new content and changes, and while the headline additions of a new agent and new map are taking up most of people’s attention there is one massive change that few seem to be talking about, which is the change to the mid area on Split. 

The middle area of the map was infamous for being hard to push through as attackers. Defenders had multiple hard angles to hold, and long lines of sight that made it impossible to use certain weapons in the area. 

But now the defender side of the middle area has been opened up considerably, with it now being an almost completely open area. 

The wall blocking half of the mid area has been removed, meaning it is now just a straight corridor down the middle of the map. This removes the harsh angles attackers had to peek in order to progress through the area. 

The mid is now much more viable for attackers

It also opens up a second pathway to progress through the mid, which means area blocking abilities are not as effective and it is harder to stall any pushes that come through the area. 

It’s not all good news for the attacking side, however. The boxes that agents like Raze and Jett could jump onto near the entrance of sewers are now very exposed, and jumping on top of them will probably lead to a much quicker death than before. 

How will defenders adapt to the new change?

There is a new, smaller, box that has been added on the defender’s side of mid that should offer them a little bit of potential cover, now that most of it has been taken away.

Oh, and the frog at the end of mid, closest to the attacker spawn, now has a little hat to keep his head warm. It’s all about the important things right?

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