Valorant Patch 0.50: Sage Nerf And Significant Weapons Changes

by Phirex

Riot Games has just released patch 0.50 for Valorant, which makes some significant changes to the game including nerfs to Sage and changes to the major weapons. 

The patch, which is available now in the Valorant beta, is the largest we have seen so far for the game and changes some of the core fundamentals of Valorant.

Perhaps most significant in this area is the change to all rifles that reduces their recovery time, which should make tap and burst firing more efficient. To further make these methods more reliable spraying while walking has also been made more inaccurate. 

Machine guns have also seen significant changes in the 0.50 update that aim to make them a little stronger. The Ares had seen a big buff, with its price dropping to 1600 creds and improved recoil. The more expensive Odin has also been given a recoil buff. 

On the Agent side of things, Sage is the biggest loser in the patch, with her slow orb getting some serious nerfs. It now only lasts for seven seconds and only does a 50% slow instead of 65%. 

Sage’s slow orb has seen the nerf hammer

Elsewhere Cypher’s Cyber Cage no longer slows enemies, and his Spycam cooldown has increased, giving him a pretty significant nerf. But Omen and Viper have both seen buffs to their Dark Cover and Snake Bite respectively.

Bunny hopping has also been nerfed, with abilities such as Incendiary, Fireball, and Snake Bite getting increased tick speed and increased height hitboxes. 

Other major changes include reducing the cap on creds to 9,000 from 12,000, meaning you can no longer have more than 9,000 creds heading into a round, and a number of abilities have had their cost increased or reduced. 

There’s also a ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements included with the patch, which you can see in the official patch notes, and all of the maps have seen slight tweaks, with Split getting the most changes.

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