Valorant Launch Date Announced

by Mike Stubbs

Riot Games has announced that Valorant will launch on June 2nd 2020, with the closed beta coming to a close on May 28th. 

The full launch will allow almost everyone to play the game, bringing an end to the need to view Twitch streams to gain access to the closed beta.

Unfortunately, the game will not launch in some locations such as Vietnam, and for players in areas such as India and the Middle East, they will have to play on SEA and EU servers. 

The beta will be going offline on May 28th, meaning there will be a four day period where the game is not available at all. However, the downtime will be worth it, as it brings with it some new content that will launch with the full game.

Exact details are yet to be revealed but there will be new game content, a new game mode, a new agent, and a new map at launch. 

All players that have played in the beta will have all their progress reset once the game launches, meaning everyone will start on a level playing field at launch. 

In a long post from the development team it was also revealed that Riot will be deploying new servers in locations such as Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas in order to try and improve latency.

In the weeks after launch the team will also be looking at improving network latency in Colombia, Argentina, and Eastern Europe. 

They also spoke about the anti-cheat systems that have been in place during the beta and how they will change at launch. So far almost all the bans for cheaters have been manually reviewed by real people.

However, come launch the auto-banning system will be in effect meaning the system should be able to auto-detect the most obvious cheats and ban them automatically. 

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