Valorant 1.03 Patch Notes Released

by Mike Stubbs

Riot Games has released the latest set of patch notes for Valorant, and while this is a smaller patch than we have seen before there are some major changes.

The biggest change comes to the Guardian assault rifle, which has had its price dropped from 2700 credits to 2500 credits.

To compensate for this reduction in price its rate of fire has been reduced from 6.5 to 4.75, but its penetration power has been increased from medium to heavy.

The idea behind these changes is to try and separate it more from the Phantom and Vandal, which were just 200 credits more expensive and significantly more powerful in many situations.

With these changes, the Guardian should now establish itself as a powerful long-range weapon that can be used when money is a little short.

The other big change in patch 1.03 comes to the surrender function in unrated mode, which now only requires four of your team to agree to surrender to end the match.

Previously all five members of the team had to agree to surrender before the match would end.

This is still the case in ranked play however, with the development team wanting to make sure that all players are on board with calling it quits and losing ranking points when playing.

A new button has also been added to the UI to make it easier to cast your vote when a surrender is called for.

Some changes have also been made to the Spike Rush game mode, with a new orb called Twin Hunters being added.

The orb spawns two wolfs when captured that will chase the two nearest enemies and will slow and near sight them for four seconds if they catch them.

Finally, several bugs have been squished and some smaller quality of life changes have been implemented.

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