Tundra Esports Signs New Coach Ahead of FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series

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The FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series starts soon and Tundra Esports has a new coach for the competition, with Enzo Serre signed up by the organisation.

Tundra Esports caused a splash by bringing in top talent MSDossary previously and adding Serre to their team makes them one to watch for the FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series.

Serre is a 21-year-old with lots of experience of the esports scene, having entered Call of Duty tournaments during his teenage years.

He will be tasked with getting the best out of MSDossary – real name Musaed Al-Dossary – who joined Tundra Esports in November 2019. The Saudi Arabian is a former world champion.

Announcing Serre’s signing, Tundra Esports said in a statement: “With the signing of the best known and most successful FIFA coach today, there will be no limits for this powerful team.”

The Frenchman was previously involved in the AS Roma Esports organisation and has coached some of the best FIFA players in the world.

Serre teamed up with Damian ‘Damie’ Augustinyak when he played at the 2018 eWorld Cup before moving on to form a partnership with Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt.

During the time he worked with Tekkz, the player moved to the top of the FIFA world rankings as a result of winning various tournaments.

Tundra Esports move the right step for Serre

With Serre having such a strong record in the world of competitive FIFA, what was it about Tundra Esports that made him want to join the organisation?

“Joining Tundra just feels like the right next step for me. It is a brand-new club with a lot of ambitions, so I hope we can build something great together,” Serre said in a statement. 

“And I am looking forward to working alongside an exceptional player like MSDossary. He has already been very successful in the past, but I am convinced that with my help he will be able to continue to reach his goals and even more!”

MSDossary is the jewel of the crown in Tundra’s team, with the FIFA star joined by Harry ‘HoneyBadger’ Blackmore, Anton ‘Klenoff’ Klenov and Davlyat ‘Dav’ Sagitov.

“I am a strategist and a perpetual student of the game, so my aim is to improve the effectiveness of every player at Tundra and make them able to perform constantly at the highest level,” Serre added. “With my help, they will be ahead of everyone else in this area.

I want for the players to internalise the best way to play FIFA but at the same time enjoy themselves by playing a beautiful style that will be successful and win the hearts of all spectators.”

What’s next for Tundra Esports in the competitive FIFA scene?

The upcoming FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series will be the next major chance for Serre to show he has made an immediate impact after his arrival at Tundra Esports.

From July 17 to August 9, top players from around the world will face off in online-only play with the action available to be watched through the streaming service Twitch.

Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania and Middle East – Africa are the six regions for the tournament and $228,000 in prizes are up for grabs at the event.

Furthermore, EA Sports has announced the launch of the eChampions League, which is set to launch in the middle of August alongside the return of the tournament in real life.

“Following the same format as the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Series, the eChampions League Invitational will bring together Europe‚Äôs best performing tournament champions from the past three seasons of competitive FIFA,” EA said in a statement.

What is for certain is that the twin signings of Serre and MSDossary are sure to make Tundra Esports one of the top teams to watch in the competitive FIFA scene in 2020 and beyond.

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