The Valorant Ignition Series is The Game’s First Step Towards Esports

by Mike Stubbs

Riot Games has announced the Valorant Ignition Series, a range of tournaments that will take place around the world, and become the first official steps in the Valorant esports scene.

After hosting a Twitch Rivals Launch Tournament as the first major tournament after Valorant’s launch, Riot Games has announced that the Ignition Series will be their first attempt at Valorant esports.

The Ignition Series will feature a number of tournaments across all the major regions in the world, ranging from influencer led show matches to completely open tournaments anyone can enter.

The series kicks off this weekend with the G2 Esports Valorant Invitational in Europe and the RAGE x IGNITION tournament over in Japan.

Following these two events is the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Valorant Showdown, which will take place in NA between June 26 and 28.

These are just the first events to be confirmed in the Ignition Series, with the entire thing set to run until at least the fall.

Events will take place around the world, with Riot promising events in the following regions. North America, Brazil, Latin America, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Oceania, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East.

All of the tournaments are being hosted by third parties, with support from Riot. However, Riot themselves do not have plans to directly host any competitions just yet, instead focusing on letting the community get things rolling.

For anyone who wants to watch the Ignition Series, the G2 Esports Valorant Invitational is the best place to start, with the top players in Europe competing for a share of the €15,000 prize pool.

The action kicks off on June 19 and runs until June 21. Top players such as William “draken” Sundin, Adam “ec1s” Eccles and G2’s own Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho will be competing.

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