Sabine? Riot is Teasing A New Valorant Agent

by Mike Stubbs

Riot Games has been teasing a brand new Valorant agent that is expected to launch alongside the game on June 2nd. 

Officially little is known about the 11th Valorant agent, but that hasn’t stopped fans trying to piece together the puzzle that has been laid out in front of them by Riot. 

The only official tease from Riot comes in the form of the image below, which shows all 10 of the current Valorant agents, and then on the right-hand side of the image, we get a glimpse of the foot of the 11th agent. 

Who could this new agent be? Credit: @PlayVALORANT

It doesn’t exactly show much, but it does come from the developers of the game, so we know it is 100% legitimate. 

Fans have done a little digging and have some theories around the new agent. The most common is that the new agent is called Sabine and could be a vampire. 

This comes from voice lines in the game from agents such as Viper, that reference someone called Sabine and mention blood-sucking abilities. 

Other fans think this is a false lead, as it could be Viper’s real name considering she only says it when there is also a Viper on the other team. 

Images that have supposedly been found in the game’s files appear to show two of the new agents, and one of them is expected to be the new vampire. 

Is this legitimate? Credit: @ValorantSource

Most suspect that the masked individual on the far right of the image is the vampire agent that could be Sabine. Others however, think this is simply another skin for Breach, as it does bear similarities to the existing agent.

However, the authenticity of these images is being questioned by some. There is no guarantee they do come from the in-game files, and could just be well-crafted fan artwork. 

Riot developers have said in the past that Valorant was supposed to launch with 12 agents, however, the 12th seems to have been put on hold as it didn’t meet expectations and the team struggled to fix the issues due to having to work from home in the lead up to launch. 

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