Reyna: Everything we Know About The New Valorant Agent

by Mike Stubbs

With just hours to go until Valorant launches, Riot Games has finally given some details on the mysterious 11th agent, who we now know as Reyna. 

After weeks of speculation about a vampiric agent potentially called Sabine, we know know that all of the references to life-sucking abilities were for Reyna, who can draw power from dead enemies that she has killed. 

Reyna and her kit were first teased in artwork and a trailer released by the Brazilian Valorant social media accounts. It gave us a first look at Reyna but little else. 

After this the official English language social media accounts released a trailer where we got to see Reyna in action. 

The trailer not only shows Reyna in action but also gives us a glimpse of the new map that is also set to be available at launch. 

While the trailer shows off some of her abilities it still doesn’t make things entirely clear as to how she works. 

We can see that she has two abilities that seem to be tied to each other. One seems to be able to heal her, while the other doesn’t seem to be used in the video.

We can also see some sort of orb that seems to show enemy locations or cause them some kind of debuff. 

Fortunately, RiotMorello, the character design lead for Valorant, has taken to Twitter to give some extra clarification on how Reyna’s abilities work. 

The power that she seems to take from dead enemies is Soul Orbs, which are spawned when Reyna kills an enemy. Claiming a Soul Orb gives her a charge to cast two of her abilities. 

One of those abilities is a self-heal, which seems to be more powerful than the others we have seen in the game so far.

Not only can it take her back to 100 health, but it can also overheal her for an extra 50 armour, bringing her back to a full 150 effective HP. 

The other ability that requires Soul Orbs is a little more complex. When cast she turns invulnerable for a few seconds, but she is also unable to shoot.

Morello makes the point that this is excellent to prevent being traded when she takes a fight, meaning she can back off and potentially heal back to full if she has enough Soul Orbs to cast both.

Crucially she can seemingly only use these abilities for a few seconds after the kill, otherwise, the abilities will not be available.

This means that she seems to be an agent that will focus on taking one on one fights and resetting and not someone to try and clear out multiple foes at once. 

Finally her ultimate, which we know is called Empress, is some kind of combat stim. It gives her faster firing, faster reload and reduced recoil when active, and also buffs the abilities that require Soul Orbs to be cast. 

Morello didn’t go into detail on her other orb-like ability, so we will have to wait and see to find out exactly what that does. 

He did, however, give a bit of an overview of how she plays, and her strengths and weaknesses. She is a Duelist and relies heavily on getting kills, without kills her abilities can’t be cast and she becomes very underwhelming, but as the kills rack up she becomes even more powerful. 

Reyna is expected to launch alongside Valorant on June 2, along with the new map that we got a brief glimpse of in the trailer.

You can be sure that everyone will want to try her out once she becomes available, so you will probably get a chance to see how she works in every match that you play for the first few days.

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