New Valorant Agent ‘Reyna’ Revealed For First Time in Brazilian Trailer

by Mike Stubbs

Valorant is just a few days away from launching on June 2nd and speculation has been rife on what the new content that Riot Games has promised will be. 

But now, thanks to a Brazilian trailer for the game, we have a good idea of what the new agent will look like, as they have been shown at the end of the video and included in new art for the game. 

The trailer, which has since been retweeted by the official English language Valorant account, shows a number of top-level plays from the agents currently in the game, and then at the end cuts to a static shot of what appears to be a new female agent. 

Credit: VALARONT // Brasil

The end of the trailer also shows the following artwork, which clearly shows the new agent front and centre. This image has since been added as the header image for most of the official Valorant Twitter accounts.

The tease doesn’t tell us anything about the new agent, but fans have been speculating none the less.

The weapon she is holding has been a hot topic of conversation, some have suggested this could be a new weapon or one of her abilities as it is a new design.

However, others think this is simply a visual rework of the Spectre or Phantom, as the two are very similar are can be confused very easily.

The artwork also mentions Episode One, which many are thinking means there will be different seasons in Valorant like we see in other titles.

This would fit with the Player Passes that were trialled in the beta, with the idea of a new pass being launched every season being one that many games have used recently.

Ultimately this is all speculation until we get some more concrete information from Riot. You can expect that in the next few days as we build-up to launch on June 2nd.

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