LEC Week 4 Preview: Misfits Have an Incredibly Tough Week

by Mike Stubbs

As we reach the halfway point in the LEC things are still very close at the top of the table, with just two losses separating the top six teams in the competition. 

This week marks the point where every team has played every other team in the league once, so by the end of the weekend we will have a good idea of where all the teams really stand. 

At the very top of the table, Mad Lions continue to look impressive with an undefeated record. 

This week they face bottom of the table FC Schalke 04, so should add another win to that total, but then face Misfits which will be another tough test for them. 

Misfits’ week is one of the hardest we have seen so far in the competition, as they also have to face G2 Esports, who have the same 4-3 record as them and sit in joint third. 

If Misfits can come away from week four with two wins then they will have to be looked at as one of the very top teams in the competition. 

Elsewhere in the league second-placed Rogue also have a tough week, facing off against Origen and SK Gaming, two teams that sit on a 4-3 record in joint third. 

One loss to either team would put them on the same record as the victor of the match, so they need a big 2-0 win across the week to maintain second place. 

Things also are not looking good for FC Schalke 04, the team at the bottom of the table without a single win this split. 

Not only do they face top of the table Mad Lions, but they also have a tough matchup with Fnatic, who will no doubt be looking to improve their less than stellar win-loss record after losing to G2 last week. 

As ever all of the action will be brought to you on the LEC Twitch channel, with the usual cast of broadcasters casting the action.

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